Candidate for ???

Do you hear the call to be a voice for Nebraskans?

At every level of government, those whom we have elected to represent us and be our voice in government are failing us at every turn.

So how do we get our voices heard?

We should keep calling and emailing them, but we should do so with the expectation that it isn't enough to do only that.

I propose that the best way for us to get our voices heard is by meeting them on the playing field as challengers in elections.

We need to make sure that none of these candidates up for reelection who have failed us run unopposed. We need to insert voices of opposition to their bad policies, and I believe that we can do that by having people who are NOT politicians step up to run so that the voice of the people will find representation on the playing field. Because they damn sure aren't listening to us as constituents.

Do not be deterred by those who would tell you that you can't afford to win a race. Run anyway! What we truly need is a voice of opposition, because at the very least, we are afforded the opportunity to amplify the voices of the people AND, no matter what, we raise the bar on those candidates that we are told we don't have a chance against. Why let them run unopposed? We shouldn't. We should make them earn their win. Better yet, let's beat them.

If you are interested in throwing your hat into the ring to be part of Nebraska's firewall of protection against the liberal agenda and the tyrannical policies of the left, then please use the contact form on this web site to get in touch, or you may email We need conservatives voices to be represented at EVERY level of government, so if you are a candidate (or would like to become one) for any elected position and you are seeking a way to get out your message and your voice, let us know. We are here to amplify the conservative voice. If that is you, then please get in touch with us.