This is exactly the point that I have been trying to make. I am busting my ass trying to hold our elected officials to account and to SHOW you why you shouldn't trust them--and road blocks keep getting put up that prevent the information from getting out there. 

This post ( was arrogantly declined by the Ogallala Open Facebook group. The reason given is that there is nothing new contained in this post, when in fact, there is a lot of new information in this post--including the responses I received back only yesterday from Governor Ricketts' Chief of Staff. 

This is why we aren't getting anywhere, folks. There is nothing contained in any of my posts which could "harm" you and from which you need protection. And yet we have conservative groups all across the state who are preventing you from accessing information and making up your own mind. Why is that?

I'll probably get blocked from this group as well following this criticism of them. That's the way it seems to go. Most GOP groups across the state blocked me long ago when I was running for AG because they didn't like my criticism of the Republican Party. But the Republican Party is failing us, and this is an example right here of how information continues to be suppressed in ways that (deliberately or not) provide cover to Republicans and "conservative" groups who are failing us. They are proving every point that I have been making about why we are getting nowhere in holding our elected officials to account.

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