I am Jennifer Hicks, and I am running as a Republican candidate for Nebraska Attorney General. You may learn more about me and also about other candidates whom I support by exploring this Voices of Nebraska web site. There is no fundraising component to this site, and its purpose is to exist as an extension of the efforts and activism which I have been involved in and which seek a shift away from money-driven politics and toward people-powered politics instead. 

Voices of Nebraska seeks to restore to the people the conservative voice that for too long has been suppressed by the left. Many of us feel that we no longer have a voice in our government. Voices of Nebraska is made up of people who are fed up with a government who is no longer listening. We have been bullied into silence by the media and also by our government.

A silent majority holds no power--but a vocal majority can be unstoppable.

We need to restore our voice and take back our power. Our voices are our greatest defense in protecting our freedom. That is why the left has worked so hard to take our voices away. And, in large part, they have been successful in doing so. In addition, we have a government which also has silenced us by plugging their ears every time we try to speak to them.

We have literally begged our elected representatives to listen to us. They aren't listening. And so Voices of Nebraska is a team of regular, every day Nebraskans who have said, "Enough!" We plan to take our voices directly into the political arena as a way of getting heard, and we hope that we can inspire others to believe that they can do the same. We will meet them on the field. And there is room on the playing field for every patriot. We encourage the support of those who would run alongside us as allies and we also support healthy competition and debate from those who would seek to challenge us. We need more conservative voices in the public arena--not fewer.

We will be silent no more.