Almost ALL of the hurt that our state and our country are now experiencing is a direct result of the outcome of the November 2020 elections. With so much evidence pouring out day by day that shows how problematic our November 2020 elections were, our Secretary of State Bob Evnen owes it to the people to take his job seriously and provide us with all of the evidence he himself has seen which has convinced him that our elections are secure. (If he can.) The truth is that Evnen is inconsistent. Like many politicians, his talk is tough and his actions are weak. 

Evnen began his speech on Tuesday night by opportunistically telling the audience at the Omaha Young Republicans meeting that he and President Trump are “attached at the hip.” If so, then Evnen is serving as nothing but dead weight, and his failure to take action against very real concerns about election fraud prove him to be no friend to President Trump. 

In the past, Evnen has offered as proof of the security of our elections the fact that routine hand recounts of at least 2% of the precincts in Nebraska are conducted after each election. Interestingly, what he acknowledged in his speech on Tuesday night is that a state (Arizona) can have a hand recount which appears to show no fraud AND still there may be fraud taking place in the areas of “chain of custody” and “undue influence,” which were both noted by Evnen to be areas where security concerns are warranted. 

What that means is that the hand recounts in Nebraska are NOT enough. And Evnen knows it. Despite acknowledging that “chain of custody” issues and “undue influence” are reasons for concern, he has failed to address the fact that our Nebraska elections should be investigated for “undue influence” from a $400,000 grant that Lancaster County received from the Center for Tech and Civic Life which was funded by the Zuckerbergs. The terms of the grant require the money to be spent as directed by CTCL, the organization through which the grant was received. 

So $400,000 with strings attached to it was funneled into the Lancaster County elections by people whom we know do not value our freedom to speak freely about election integrity, medical freedom choices, or anything else that their social media platform deems “dangerous” for you to say. These people who do not respect our U.S. Constitution have been given access to influence our elections. They’ve done it across the entire nation, including in our very own state. 

But is Evnen concerned? Not a bit. Not about this, and not about other things which also raise “red flags” about just exactly who it is that has access to our elections. The use of cybersecurity company Crowdstrike’s software in our elections is extremely troubling, not only for their known close ties to the DNC and the role that they played in helping to sell a false “Russian collusion” narrative, but also for the fact that their very own web site includes a document titled “Reinventing Government” which outlines Crowdstrike’s desire to use cybersecurity to leverage our elections and transform our government in the way that they see fit. 

The fox was put in charge of watching the hen house. Perhaps I should say “foxes,” as there are many who are involved. Evnen has turned a blind eye to bad actors having their hands on our election process. I can only come to the conclusion that he is either corrupt or incompetent at his job—a job that he is seeking to be reelected to do. There is no way in hell he should be rewarded with another term if he cannot demonstrate to the people that he is fit for the job. We MUST have a full forensic audit of our state before another election takes place. 

Let him know that we want these problems addressed before the next primary election. 


* This commentary was originally posted on Facebook on 11/11/2021

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