We should not be lending credence to bad c-19 policies. I think I'm in the minority among conservatives in my criticism of LB906, but I think it is a VERY bad idea to codify into our statutes that it is in any way acceptable for an employer to mask and test employees. 

People need to be careful about what they ask for when they champion for bad legislation to be passed. I think that parents who are trying to get masks off their kids at school lose a lot of ground when bad c-19 policies like masking requirements from employers become acceptable compromises. 

We should not be negotiating with the tyrannical left, and no one should be grateful that only "some" freedom had to be given up. These kinds of concessions will only lead to more being asked (or taken) from us. When we champion for legislation to be passed that allows employers to require masking and testing of employees, then we are essentially championing (whether we realize it or not) the message that it is "just a mask" or "just a test." Don't do that. 

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