How will we ever find solutions to the problems that we face when we continue to espouse and adhere to false narratives?

As John Adams said, "Liberty, once lost, is lost forever." They aren't just gonna give it back, you know?

We need to stop thinking in terms of "Republicans In Name Only" and be a hell of a lot more honest. We are a "Constitutional Republic in Name Only." And often not even in that regard if you peruse our government websites, which are littered with the word "democracy" at every turn. We cannot move people to "do something" until we adopt a more honest narrative. Conservatives who continue to live by the lie that we still have a Constitutional Republic consisting of elected representatives and three branches of government cannot muster a proper fight because they don't even understand who the enemy is.

 People will not fight when they think (falsely) that they can still rely upon "elected representatives" who are often neither truly elected nor representatives for the people. And people will not fight when the narrative (even still adhered to by the most prominent conservative voices) sends a contradictory message that our government no longer has three branches of government, but that somehow the answers are to be found in elections and law suits. We need to be more honest about where we are.  

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