It is exhausting trying to warn people that the evidence--yes, the actual evidence--points to Trump being far more loyal to globalists like Bill Gates than he is to his own base of supporters.

Below is my reply to a comment that I received on social media, but since it seems to be a general reply to so many others who call my concerns about Trump to be "unhinged" and "hateful," I'll just post it here as a reply to all of those who still believe that Trump is the person who is going to protect us from globalist agendas. He's not. Trump was so easily made to bend to the will of Bill Gates--who admits that he used Trump's ego to get to him. And it worked. I focus below on how Trump was manipulated by Gates with regard to universal vaccines. Gates got Trump to go from being skeptical of the safety of vaccines to a full-fledged supporter of them, even now considering himself to be the self-proclaimed "father of the [COVID] vaccine." Gates knew how to get Trump to change his mind. Don't think that the same kind of pressure won't be applied by Gates and others with regard to other global agendas. (How do you feel about eating bugs?) 

You call it "unhinged." I call it trying to warn you. Is that all you can do--to parrot talking points from Trump and from a political party, both of whom expect your loyalty? Trump and Biden (and the enslaving political parties that they belong to) are both out there smearing Kennedy with lies because he threatens the uniparty. And if you think that Trump isn't part of the uniparty that would turn our country over to global control, then you haven't been paying attention. As many have said this election cycle, what we are up against right now is so much bigger than "this" issue or "that" issue. It really is an existential issue.

Why would you trust Trump when he has sided with globalist Bill Gates and Big Pharma more than he has sided with "we the people?" Trump began with good judgment, but--like so many who get into politics (and I've seen it happen firsthand), good apples go bad. Trump began his presidency in 2017 offering Kennedy the opportunity to head up a vaccine safety commission. After holding a couple or so meetings, which included Kennedy, Trump shut the whole thing down--supposedly on the advice and pressure he was getting from others who didn't want it. (Like Fauci, Gates, and others who would seek to exterminate us.)

People like to say that Trump wasn't a doctor and that he had to trust "the experts," but don't forget that Bill Gates isn't a health professional either, and yet Trump allowed Bill Gates to stroke his ego enough to get him to sign an Executive Order calling for the modernization of vaccines in our country--for the sake of national security and global health. Fast forward to today, when we now face threats from a WHO that believes that our nation should not have sovereign authority to decide how to respond to a global health "crisis."

Well, thanks to Trump having trusted all the wrong people and having botched the response to COVID--which was the most consequential attack to have happened on our nation in my entire lifetime--Trump is refusing to admit that he made any errors at all in 2020. If you are someone who thinks that COVID vaccines are not "safe and effective" and that the respirators contributed to the deaths of many in 2020, then you should find Kennedy to be more trustworthy than Trump. Businesses were directed to halt their regular production and to focus on building respirators instead. People forget how much that mistake cost our nation--in so many ways. And yet, Trump has still touted them as a success of his.

Not only was Kennedy warning us about those things back in 2020--even before the rollout of COVID shots--but Trump, to this day, has doubled down on his support for the vaccines. (All vaccines, actually--none of which we are given any transparency or answerability for when they cause harm). Trump's insistence now that Kennedy is a lunatic for having warned us about the lack of safety and transparency regarding vaccines is a slap in the face to his base. He is making fools of them. And many have become so taken in by the propaganda that has taken a stronghold in our nation that has conditioned people to accept as the gospel truth globalist ideas that are leading our nation to slaughter. You can bet that such propaganda was masterminded by globalist technocrats (like Yuval Noah Harari), working in collusion with those at the WEF and China, who have bastardized what MAGA once meant in our country and have turned it into a symbol of blasphemy in the portrayal of Trump as some sort of globalist savior or "chosen one." And a desperate nation of people, who do want someone to save them, are eating it up.

Trump isn't the only person who has brought our nation to the rapid state of massive decline that we now find ourselves in, but you would be a damn fool not to heed warnings that the evidence of the outcomes we have gotten from Trump should be causing us to question why it is that he still so strongly disagrees with his own base of supporters with regard to his turning a blind eye to the death and disease being caused by the shots that Trump has so often claimed we would not even have if not for him.

Trump is still parroting the lies that we were told all throughout 2020 regarding the virus and the vaccines. The truth is that our nation was destroyed on Trump's watch over a virus with a fatality rate of less than half of one percent. Did you know that in the state of Nebraska, the number of expected deaths from COVID in 2020 did not even surpass the highest number of deaths caused by respiratory illness from the previous five years until later in December of 2020? The threat of COVID was being vastly inflated, and anyone who was looking at the CDC's own data could see the truth of it. I could do it from my home on my desktop computer. So why didn't Trump--who had the responsibility of the protection of our nation--do his due diligence to ensure that the advice he was being given by "the experts" and by globalist non-experts like Bill Gates was what would keep us safe?

Anyone could see in real time that year that Trump was being made a fool of by going along with the flip-flopping advice of Fauci. Even after Fauci had stated that masks didn't protect against viruses, Trump later proved just how malleable he is under pressure when he tweeted out a picture of him in a mask, stating that masking was the "patriotic" thing to do. Trump modeled submission to social control rather than resistance to it. It wasn’t patriotic. It was idiotic. That moment in history was far more pivotal than many realize. Even only days before the November 2020 election, in an interview with Leslie Stahl, Trump was stating, “I would say a mask works and I have nothing against masks and I tell people to wear masks.” So many have forgotten the hours and hours that people spent, day after day, in masks—all for the sake of protecting public health, we were told. The masking not only didn’t protect against the virus, but it led to great harm to people’s physical and mental health—including developmental delays in children. How patriotic is that? And yet, to this day, you’ll hear no mention of anything from Trump that should give you any peace of mind that he would not go down that exact same path again the next time our nation is faced with a “plandemic.”

No one in their right mind should think that Trump would be a better protector of our nation against the globalists agenda to control us through global public health policies. Wake the hell up. When you see throngs of people showing up to Trump rallies, what you are seeing are sheep being led to slaughter.

The article above begins with the story of someone injured by the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Remember when Trump was pissed that the J&J shots were halted after people were reported to have bad reactions to it? I remember that.

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