Have you seen Trump's recent endorsement of Biden over Kennedy? 

If the only options right now for president were Trump, Biden, and Shanahan--I would still choose to support Shanahan who proves herself to be more on the side of "we the people" by displaying the courage and good sense to run as an independent. People need to stop worrying about the "what ifs" of people who have never inhabited the Oval Office and start  REMEMBERING "what was." What the actual evidence points to is that when Biden and Trump have had the opportunity to occupy that office, they both have failed. If people were SMART, they would recognize that the best survival strategy for our nation would be to declare independence from the enslaving two-party system and to align behind Kennedy/Shanahan. It's one of the smartest ways for us to take back our power from a controlling uniparty government that has conditioned us to believe that we DON'T have any choice besides one of the candidates from the two-party system--and even the "choices" we are given are ones that the system chooses for us! We have been left with only the illusion that we have representation. It is an illusion that we have a constitutional republic. We don't. We did not keep it. 

And so what, really, is there to fear in CHOOSING for ourselves to do the thing which the tyrannical two-party system tells us that we dare not even consider as an option? The smartest and most critically thinking people in America are CHOOSING Kennedy/Shanahan for the most basic reason of survival. As independents who have thrown down the gauntlet to the tyrannical system, Kennedy/Shanahan  pose the LEAST threat to us because they are NOT aligned with the administrative state. It is because Kennedy speaks out against the administrative state that he is hated and feared so much by the establishment. 

If Kennedy gains the support of the people, the administrative state, of which our corrupt two-party system is a part, will FINALLY begin to be challenged by "we the people." Take an honest look at what you get if you don't stand up and declare your independence from such corruption. You'll continue to get a uniparty government that only pretends to represent the people, with distraction after distraction introduced to us to keep us focused on the action of the game and never on the score. The game being played isn't one of Republican vs Democrat--it's "them" vs "we the people." And if you take your eyes off of the entertainment of "the game" long enough to check the score, you'll see that "we the people" are getting our asses kicked. The game is rigged against US. But, hey, it's an entertaining game to watch, and we feel in-the-know and able to be a part of the real-time action when we get to participate in it by cheering on "our team" with endless shouts and finger-pointing at those on "the other side." 

Supporting Kennedy/Shanahan as the independent ticket is the smartest thing we could do right now. Even if you loathe the two of them and fear their policies, aligning with those who have the courage to run as independents who are speaking out against the tyrannical administrative state--which WILL stay in power and WILL continue to grow and to suppress us if we do not challenge it--would STILL be the smartest thing Americans could do to strengthen their position by wresting power away from where it has accumulated the most. The fact of the matter is that it poses a much GREATER risk to allow either candidate from the two-party system to remain in power. Trump is purported to be the wall between "us" and "them," and I have, for a very long time now, agreed that this is the case--but an evaluation of the evidence points to it being "them" and not "us" who Trump has served to protect the most. The administrative state has Trump positioned exactly where they want him, and in putting Trump where he is with their "witch hunts" they have manipulated the sympathies of the people to align behind him. 

But what would happen if Trump were no longer there as a beacon of hope (granted, a false one) to those who believe him to be a protector of them? What would happen if Trump were truly removed as a barrier between "us" and "them?" I don't believe there is any chance in hell, nor was there ever any intention on the part of the administrative state, to ever actually lock Trump up or keep him off the ballot. Trump proved when he was POTUS that it was the bidding of the administrative state that he would prioritize over the protection of the rights of the people. He has proven his loyalty, not to us, but to them. 

And so now take another look at the post above from Trump and ask yourself why it is that Trump would make the claim that Biden would be a better choice than Kennedy would be. (I smell collusion.) And also ask yourself why it is that Trump would play such a dutiful role in continuing the cover-up of the truth about the COVID vaccines (which Biden mandated) by calling Kennedy a fraud for questioning them. Go and listen to what Kennedy says about who it is that truly holds all of the power, influence, and money in our nation--and then ask yourself why it is that Trump continues to protect them.

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