Trump is only addressing this now because he was asked about it. MORE should be asking him about it. (Including The Gateway Pundit who has been participating in the coverup of Trump's prominent role in the "warp speed" production of "that beautiful shot.")

But listen to what Trump is still saying and ask yourself if he is a man whose judgement anyone should trust. I say he is not. Trump is still parroting the mainstream media plandemic narrative that the virus was every so deadly as to have warranted dumping billions into the pockets of vaccine manufacturers AND trillions more into COVID "relief." So the self-proclaimed "father of the vaccine" is either covering his own ass or he has come to believe the lies himself. And regardless of which of those things it may be, it reflects poorly on his judgment.

Trump isn't being honest about the true nature of the virus and what it is that truly happened in 2020. Why isn't Trump calling out how the mainstream media and those "experts" that he kept at his side all throughout the plandemic were lying to us the whole time about the threat that the virus posed? The fatality rate of COVID was very low. In fact, Trump knew this at least as early as February 2020, for he began that year speaking more truth about the virus than he does now. We deserve an explanation from him why it is that he abandoned the truth and took up the narrative of the fake news which purports that the COVID virus posed such a tremendous threat. The truth is that it didn't pose the threat that we were being told that it did.

Trump isn't addressing the fact that the truth was twisted into knots all throughout 2020. Deaths and hospital admissions from COVID were being inflated because people were profiting from them. Schools were kept shut and children and employees were kept in masks for hours a day because the reported threat level was constantly being inflated through unnecessary and unreliable testing. Deaths from respiratory causes in 2020, particularly those among the elderly and infirm who would have been among the number of expected deaths in any given year, were coded as "with COVID," often even without testing. There were even ridiculous reports of people dying from causes such as a motorcycle accident being coded as a COVID death. The books were cooked. We know this. The CDC's own reporting confirms it.

Is a man with such a lack of understanding someone we should trust to be leading us through another attack on our nation? Is a man who is clearly so out of touch with the reality of what took place in 2020 (all of which is verifiable) someone who is fit to lead us through (or away from) a war? I don't believe so.

Imagine how much differently 2020 could have gone if Trump had followed through with his plan to have RFK, Jr. head up a vaccine safety commission. NOW Trump is saying that if he is reelected, he will do exactly as Kennedy advised him to do when Trump asked him back in late 2016 or early 2017 and bring transparency regarding safety information about vaccines that is still kept obscured from us.  

As previously noted, Trump does not speak to the important issue of the vaccines on the campaign trail unless he is pressed to do so. (And, again, why the hell aren't more people asking??) Here is video of a woman asking Trump about the vaccines and how he would handle the next virus that may come along. Trump's answer was to essentially pat himself on the back for how he handled things the first time around, including continuing to voice his support of the COVID vaccines that are in the news on a daily basis as reportedly resulting in harm and death. No word from Trump yet on any of that. 

And NOW Trump Trump says "we will not comply?" Where was that guy back in 2020? Too little, too late. We are where we are right now, in large part, due to leadership that modeled submission to social control instead of resistance to it. 

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