The DNC has a "Kennedy problem." I, of course, do no think that RFK, Jr., is a "problem," but the excerpt below is from a letter Kennedy recently sent to the DNC pointing out that they are not running a fair primary. 

Well, guess what? Democrats who cheat in a primary election will cheat in a general election, too.  It is for that reason that Kennedy's fight for election integrity should matter to all of us. As I've said before, I don't believe that the 2024 election--no matter how it turns out--will deliver to us any outcome that the people will trust. I also believe that staying locked into the tribal party politics and not seeing the big picture is going to result in us being woefully unprepared to deal with the chaos which will almost certainly follow another presidential election in which the people cannot trust that the outcome was a fair one. 

EVERY American--regardless of party--who supports the restoration not only of election integrity but of integrity itself, should support Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s right to a fair primary election. I am asking that Americans, regardless of their party affiliation, rally support behind Kennedy in his fight against the DNC by making a grassroots donation to his campaign of even as little as $1 to help send a message to the DNC that they have a problem that isn't going to go away. I know (from having run for office myself) the lengths to which the leadership of one's own party will go in order to silence those candidates from whom they do not wish the voters to hear. Believe me, Kennedy is a guy that the left does NOT want you to hear from. They see him as a threat to their power structure and they are doing their best to suppress him. This IS election interference. So while the focus right now might be on the attempts to try to keep Trump's name off of ballots, anyone who is concerned about election integrity should not overlook that similar attempts are being made right now by Democrats to try to keep Kennedy from having any chance of winning his party's primary. 

When I ran for office, I did not seek (nor did I accept) donations to my campaign because I sought to try to show people that the value that money has in politics is that which we allow it to have. In a free and fair election process, a dollar amount is not placed on the votes of eligible voters. But even as many complain about the influence of money in politics, WE ourselves are the ones who have turned our entire election process over to the very tyrants who have corrupted it by allowing them to convince us that elections cannot be won except by those who are backed by wealthy donors. Our election process shifted to a money-driven one because WE let it happen. 

We have allowed professional campaign managers (most of whom I suspect may have rooms reserved for themselves in Hell due to the lengths to which they are willing to go to win) to operate for years--at EVERY level of government--in ways which mirror the corruption and manipulation of political parties at the national level. 

As a conservative who has myself spent a lot of time on election integrity concerns, I believe that rallying our support behind Kennedy as he calls out the corruption of the DNC primary process is a smart thing for all conservatives to do.  I will echo my previous call for all Americans, whether they belong to a political party or find themselves politically homeless (as I do), to please consider making a symbolic donation of even as little as $1 as a way to send a message to the DNC. It is a way to fight back against the manipulation of elections in a way which they cannot suppress the reporting of. Put simply, it won't necessarily prevent them from trying to cheat, but it 100% WILL shine a spotlight on their election interference in a way that WILL put pressure on a sore spot for them. Donate more than $1, if you are so inclined, but what I am asking Americans to do has more to do with having our voices be recognized in a way that crooked politicians can not silence, for the numbers of those who are willing to support Kennedy in his fight against the DNC will be reflected in his campaign finance reports. The number of individual grassroots donors sends a stronger message than the amount of money raised. 

Sadly, it is our own fault that we have allowed money to become the controlled language of politics, and I have learned from my own experience in the political arena that many people have truly come to believe that candidates "don't have a chance" without obscene amounts of money behind their campaigns. Many people have told me that they like Kennedy very much as a candidate, but that "he doesn't have a chance," or that "they'll never let him win." And I'm sure it's no surprise to anyone that many even think that his life is in danger for challenging the political machine from within the heart of it. If we are going to continue on, as we have, and allow money to have the influence in politics that we have granted it, then isn't it worth $1 to add your voice to the number of those in our nation who know that the DNC is corrupt

I have made several small donations to Kennedy's campaign, and my support for him in that way goes beyond his position on any of the important issues. When our elections and our government become as corrupted as they presently are, the important issues (which ARE important, don't get me wrong) become nothing more than distractions that politicians use to keep the masses tribally focused on their party differences. Never mind the fact that each side is lying to you every time they make promises about what it is they will do regarding any of those important issues. But none of those issues matter one whit when the voice of "we the people" continues to get drowned out by the voices of well-funded politicians whose allegiance is not to "we the people," but to the big donors who have bought them their elected positions in government. When our elections no longer deliver to us true representatives, then the biggest problem that we should unite together and focus on is the one of restoring functional government and integrity to our elections. But I can promise you that it WON'T happen as long as people continue to think--as they have been conditioned and beaten down by the system to believe--that large amounts of money are essential to greasing the political machine. And regardless of where you stand on any of the big political issues that are kept front and center (sanctity of life, 2A, etc.), until we FIRST address the problem of the corruption in our elections and in our government, it will NOT be "we the people" who have any influence on those issues. It will continue to be the influence of those who have the means to buy their way into the corrupted system (for all others are shut out from it) who will decide the outcome of EVERY issue. 

Ultimately, this fight we are in isn't about Kennedy or Trump or Biden or any other individual. It is about US and whether or not we honestly and truly believe that our U.S. government is meant to be of, by, and for the people. If we are to have hope of any kind of meaningful victory, then we must heed the words of Washington, cited by Kennedy in his letter, to the DNC and we must take on the corruption of our government that is being run by the "potent engines" of corrupted political parties who have been successful in subverting the power of the people and "usurping for themselves the reins of government." Be brave enough to see the problems outside of the suffocating boxes that loyalty and allegiance to political parties keeps us trapped inside. Be courageous enough to demonstrate FAITH that something as small as that of a mustard seed can indeed move mountains. To believe otherwise is to accept that our U.S. Constitution, which begins with the words "We the People," is dead, for that sacred document is nothing more than words on a piece of paper when we no longer value our individual contributions as being integral to what it is that give it meaning. 

The full text of Kennedy's letter to the DNC can be read at the link below:

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