The warning is this: All throughout the "pandemic" response, our elected officials have bent over and taken it from DHHS--and they are still granting to DHHS an authority that never should have been granted without question. Governor Ricketts permitted an "emergency" to remain in place which allowed DHHS to run roughshod over the rights of the people, all in the name of a public health crisis.

Were the mask mandates ever the will of the people? And I know we are repeatedly told to "follow the science," but where does that land us when the "science" is all over the map when it is selectively chosen to support an agenda? Why did our elected officials fail to defend the rights of the people?

The reminder is this: It is WE THE PEOPLE who collectively determine which rules of law we will consent to live by. What gives government their power is our CONSENT. We get what we accept, and things have been happening for some time now which I do not believe we ever should have given our consent to.


If we consent to what everyone by now can see is nothing more than social control measures, then I believe that we will be opening the door for what is happening in Australia to happen here.


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