I've been at this non-stop since November 2020, ya'll. The fight for election integrity, I mean. I fear that we are seeing "the steal" happen all over again...right here in Nebraska.

People constantly tell me that my articles and videos are too long. Folks, if you only knew how much more there is to say than what I have said already. So much more. And at every turn, when I do try to share the truth, it is always those within our very own party who are *supposedly* on our side who push back the hardest against it. Many people are being led astray, though. And I'm not sure that there is anyone left in our government who isn't either corrupt themselves or too damn cowardly to stand up to tyrants.

Please listen to this video. It isn't about politics. Well, not really. It's about how we fight tyranny. I don't care which candidates you decide to vote for, but what I do care about is who ultimately gets elected, because we all have to live with that. In this video, I offer some advice for how to ensure that the candidate you choose to vote for is one who knows how to fight.

We need to stop asking candidates and politicians what it is that they WILL do, and we need to start telling them what they MUST do.

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