As someone who, myself, has been trying to learn more about the EPIC Consumption Tax proposed by Senator Erdman and scheduled to be addressed at the state capitol next week, I was somewhat gobsmacked when I realized that of the nine candidates for governor, only ONE of them (that I know of) supports Erdman's legislative resolution. Several candidates do support having a consumption based tax, but not as proposed in LR264CA. 

When I made the video, I wasn't sure where Pillen stood on the issue (because he doesn't attend debates), but I did look on his website, and it appears that I was correct in assuming that he is not a supporter of the EPIC Consumption Tax. 

Anyway, as the video shows, I have more questions than answers. As it stands now, I would not oppose LR264CA because what is being debated is whether or not this issue should be put on the ballot for the voters to decide. But I do think that there are a lot of things about it to ponder. And, why, out of nine candidates for governor, has the EPIC consumption tax plan garnered support from only of one of them?

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