Did you know that on January 6, 2017, the Department of Homeland Security designated elections to be critical infrastructure? This was done shortly after HRC didn't get the win that she thought she had in the bag. And it was done only days before Trump was sworn in. Make of that what you will.

And did you know that it was DHS who issued a "terror alert" warning people to watch for people who might be dangerous. Included in the list of those who should raise suspicion were people who question the elections, and also people who are critical of vaccines.

Guess who is the default to conduct security testing of ES&S services? Yep. It's DHS, the same agency that warns that those of us who question elections might be terrorists.

It gets worse. The State of Nebraska signed a contract with ES&S which contains within it terms that bind the State to silence about the results of any security testing.

You follow? So shortly after Hillary lost and before Trump was sworn in, DHS designated elections to be critical infrastructure. DHS has called for those who question the November 2020 election (and also those who question vaccines) to be deemed potentially dangerous. And it is DHS who is the default to do the security testing of ES&S software.

The access to and influence upon our elections by DHS makes the $400,000 of Zuckerbucks dumped into Lancaster County seem like child's play by comparison.

And we, the people, never get to know what the results of any security testing are due to the terms of the contract between ES&S and the State of Nebraska.

I believe the contract violates Article 1-22 of our Nebraska State Constitution, and governing law states that the State does not have the authority to agree to terms which violate our state constitution.

Call your state senator and ask that AG Peterson be asked to examine the constitutionality of the ES&S contract. We can learn a lot about where we stand by watching how our elected officials respond to our concerns about whether or not our elections are being conducted in accordance with our state constitution.

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