I hate having to make posts like this because it distracts from the important things. I left high school a year early (and, yes, I graduated) because I could not abide the drama that goes on there. Well, let me tell you, I have found the world of politics to be no different. And I don't like it now any more than I did back then.

Nebraskans Against Government Overreach (NAGO claims, in their candidate assessment of me, that I engage in "infringing on the rights of those with opposing viewpoints." Aside from this comment about me not being true, the irony is that NAGO likes to silence those who have viewpoints that oppose their own by blocking them from groups. Allie French, the leader of NAGO, prefers that the members of NAGO not be permitted to hear any views with which she personally disagrees. She "protects" you from information the same way the GOP protects voters from engaging with candidates other than those chosen by party leadership. This is establishment behavior, and it is of the swamp.

As the leader of a group that purports to preserve our liberty, she and those around her (including her choice of candidate for governor) have all demonstrated to me that they do not value a free and open exchange of information. Just because you call yourself a constitutionalist doesn't mean that you are one. For someone who has been a victim of censorship, it truly surprises me that Allie is more than willing to engage in the silencing of others when it is in HER power to do so. That kind of behavior is cowardly, because it snuffs out any opportunity to compete on message. It isn't just NAGO who censors and silences voices that they don't want heard. Other so-called conservative groups do too, and so do many of the GOP groups on Facebook.

It is a coward who simply wants to eliminate an opponent in ways other than those that involve a fair and honest fight. I am ready for the fight. Always have been. My message is a solid one and it is a consistent one. Vet me. I WANT YOU TO. You know why? Because I do not fear accountability.

I do not wish to engage in any back and forth with immature people who have already labeled me as a "cult member." (I neither enjoy it, nor do I have time for it.) But it needed to be said that NAGO is giving people bad and very biased information when it comes to how they vet candidates. Don't believe everything that you read. Do your own research and decide for yourself.

Jennifer Hicks
Candidate for Attorney General

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