Don't give them a penny. Make them earn your vote.I won't send them a penny, but I will send them a message when I vote Libertarian for governor. (I believe Scott Zimmerman has more integrity than Pillen and would put Nebraskans first.)

The NEGOP done gone and effed up big time, and now these Pillen-pushers are trying to shove down our throats a candidate for governor who has demonstrated by how he ran his campaign that he lacks decency and integrity, and that he is willing to sit silent when--to benefit his campaign--those in our government abused the authority of the offices that they hold. I will never give my vote to someone who has made it clear that he views our government as a tool that can be wielded for his own gain. Pillen puts Pillen first. Or perhaps it is Ricketts that he puts first. But you can be sure that it ain't you.

You know who else stayed silent? The NEGOP. Heaven forbid they ever call out bad behavior from one of their own. And in the shitshow that played out regarding the witch hunt against Herbster (whom I did not vote for myself), there was definitely more than one who should have been called out.

I know from having had many discussions with people who run campaigns for GOP candidates that they condone the nastiness and the mudslinging. (I think some of them revel in it.) To them, it's all just part of the game. Whatever it takes to win. And the GOP laps it up and lets it all play out, with no regard for how any of it affects the people of Nebraska.

We get what we accept, and if we don't ever stop accepting this kind of crap, we are never going to stop getting it. The GOP feels nothing for you but disdain, and yet they still have the balls to ask you for your allegiance and your money. I'm not doing it.

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