I am posting this, not as any sort of attack on Herbster, but to try to bring clarity where I think there has been a lot of murkiness. Perhaps some of it deliberately so. I do feel like Herbster has been unclear to voters about his position on the EPIC Consumption Tax plan, for many people DO think that he is a supporter of it. But he is not.

In a recent ad, titled "Courage," put out by Herbster's campaign, I believe it is Senator Brewer who states that Herbster has a tax plan for Nebraska. Well, the truth is a little different from that. Like probably most of the candidates, Herbster has ideas about what should be done. It is misleading to suggest that he supports EPIC or that he has any leg up on the other candidates in the form of a tax plan that has been put together. He doesn't. I believe that Senator Erdman is in that same ad, which also might lead people to believe that Herbster is a supporter of Erdman's EPIC consumption tax plan.

I actually like the answers that Herbster gave me when I spoke to him better than the ones I've seen him give publicly. I just want to help bring a clearer picture to voters as to where the candidates actually stand on the issues, because it does appear to me that on the EPIC consumption tax plan, Herbster's campaign has been riding the fence and allowing people to make assumptions that might not be true. (Even Matt Innis had been including in his presentations on EPIC that Herbster was in favor of it.)

I think that as we are getting close to the May 10th primary election, it is worthwhile for voters--no matter who it is that they support--to have a clear understanding of where the candidates sit on the issues. There is only one candidate for governor who does support the EPIC Consumption Tax plan, and that is Breland Ridenour.

Jennifer Hicks
Candidate for Attorney General

* The first conversation with Herbster was following the recent candidate forum in Beatrice. The second conversation was at the recent Seward County GOP Convention. 

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