These are questions that I asked Pillen when he was recently in Nebraska City.

I believe that whoever becomes our next governor should be someone who has made it clear--beyond a shadow of a doubt--that he or she is someone who will be a staunch defender of people's medical freedoms AND also someone who has a clear understanding of the threats posed to our elections.

These two areas of questioning are ones that I prioritize when evaluating any candidate for office. Anyone who knows me is well aware that I believe Ricketts' response to COVID was not what it should have been. The truth about COVID was out there, and yet those who were serving as our representatives (not just Ricketts, but others as well) were going along with a false narrative that resulted in a lot of harm being caused to people. Ricketts refused to allow people like me and others who were proponents of medical freedom to be heard. We were shut out.

And now Ricketts is an endorser of Jim Pillen. After hearing Pillen's answers to my questions, I do not believe that he would be any different than Ricketts. In fact, his answers suggest that his response to COVID likely would have been even worse! There is nothing in his answers that suggests that he has any real understanding that the COVID narrative is one which is government issued.

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