The successful path forward will require people to seek out candidates whose messages bear more substance than what can fit on a yard sign or in a thirty-second radio ad.

What I want is to see "we the people" restored to our rightful place in politics. It *can* be done with YOUR voice and your passion. I would ask each of you--no matter who your choice of candidate is--to abandon the idea that your voices only carry the heft of your wallet. It costs you nothing to share your passion for a candidate with others--no matter who is your candidate of choice. And we should all be passionate about who it is we choose to lead us in these dangerous times when our freedom is being eroded. The value of your voice is immeasurable, and passion cannot be bought. I believe in us. I believe in WE THE PEOPLE. Do you?

We can chart a new path forward and break away from the "politics as usual" message that money is the determining factor of who wins campaigns. And the reason I think we MUST is because conducting politics in that way has failed us. It has elected into office politicians who have turned their backs on the people. We CAN choose another way. But will we?

For the sake of my kids' future, I hope that we do.

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