Candidates who seek to be representatives of the people and defenders of our constitutionally protected rights should, if they win on May 10th, commit to refusing to accept the outcome of an election conducted using ES&S services, which deny us the right to a free and fair election.

Currently, there is no effective system of checks and balances within our government. All branches have aligned and appear to have entered into an agreement to protect one another, rather than protecting the rights of the people. And now, more often than not, our state doesn't even provide a check upon overreach from the federal government. Concerns about the constitutionality of our elections have repeatedly fallen on deaf ears at every level of government, so that we are left with no representation. No one within the government has the courage to say what should be said, and that is that the federal government is holding our elections hostage and threatening Americans by telling them that they must not question the outcome of how THEY--the federal government--are conducting them.

Nebraskans are being robbed of their rights when ES&S services are used. We need people with the COURAGE to stand up to the bullying government and finally give a voice to the people. If we move on from an unconstitutionally conducted election and accept such a violation of our rights, then we will be sending the message to our government that we will, in fact, accept being tread upon.

Where are the voices of the candidates seeking to represent us? As they are seeking offices which require them to swear an oath, they should prove NOW that they are willing to put themselves in the line of fire--even between the people and the Department of Homeland Security--in order to fight for their constitutionally protected rights. Secretary of State candidate Bob Borer campaigns on using the bully pulpit to give a voice to the people, and yet, when I have challenged all candidates to be so bold as to speak up now and commit to speaking out against the tyrants, even if they win on election night, he has refused. He is content to accept the outcome if it results in a win for him.

If I am elected, I will not do the same. We cannot be sincere in our assertions that our elections are conducted unconstitutionally and then just accept and move on from the primary if it happens to turn out in our favor. If Borer is sincere in his tough talk about using the bully pulpit, he would join me and commit to taking a public and vocal stand against Big Government and Big Tech by speaking out now and on May 10th if he is the winner in the primary.

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