This challenge is one I put forth to EVERY candidate running for office in this primary election. I didn't forget about Larry Bollinger, who is also a candidate for AG. But considering that he calls me an "extremist," I assume he isn't going to accept my challenge. But I do extend it to him, nonetheless--as well as to all candidates who are running.

What we need are candidates who will refuse to accept the outcome of any election in which ES&S counts the votes. That includes our May primary. The politicians currently in office have demonstrated that they will go out of their way to find excuses not to defend our rights. We need to be calling on those who are running for office to prove their worth and commit to refusing to accept election results if machines are used. We need to pressure candidates to demand a fair and constitutionally conducted election.

We should look for candidates with the backbone to commit to us that they will not accept a violation of our rights (which is what happens when corruptible machines are allowed to count the votes). Test the candidates now and find out which of them have the courage to commit to that. I will.

Jennifer Hicks
Candidate for Attorney General

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