Our government derives its authority from the people.

If the people knowingly relinquish their right to a free election (which is what some are advocating for when they make the argument that we will survive holding a primary election which we believe to be unconstitutional), then do not expect that any elected government which failed to defend your constitutional rights when it had the chance is EVER going to restore to you what you so easily gave away.

This is how we take back our government and our vote--our VOICE!

Demand that your state senator uphold his or her oath to the constitution, and ask for an opinion from AG Peterson to be given to the people of Nebraska about the constitutionality of the terms of the ES&S contract.

Let's get ES&S out of our voting system BEFORE the primary. It would be one giant leap toward restoring election integrity. We have everything to lose if we do not do all that we can to hold on to our right to a free election, now--while we still have the chance.

What does it mean if our elected officials ignore concerns about the constitutionality of our elections?

Would Nebraska voters ever have agreed to the terms of the contract the State of Nebraska made with ES&S on their behalf?

Go look at the contract and decide for yourself.https://statecontracts.nebraska.gov/Search/ViewDocument?D=7XEyLqmfbfEfFzaF9z49Gw%3D%3D

And you can find a detailed explanation of how the ES&S contract denies us our constitutional right to a free election here:


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