Those who have claimed that my criticism of the GOP is some sort of bitter reaction to not having won my race for AG have not been paying attention. At all. If they had been, they would know that I was disgruntled with the GOP long before I ever entertained the idea of running for office. In fact, it was BECAUSE OF the failures of the GOP that I became a candidate in the first place.

The people who are the angriest at me at the moment are the ones who are demanding that we all unite around a party that is broken and that is not serving us well at all. The GOP has become a party for the elites and is NOT a party for the people. My criticism of Republican elected officials is not new, and many who are now railing at me to "unite" are people who once shared my criticism of the spineless Republicans who have handed our country over to tyrants. What is different now is that we are approaching our general election. Fear is creeping in, and out of that fear, many are embracing the spineless Republicans as "the lesser evil."

How about we stop making excuses for evil and stop rewarding it with our vote? How about we start holding accountable those who are elected and those who seek our vote, instead of making excuses for their failures? Nothing will change for the better until we do.

If the message in this video is a reaction to anything, it is to the apathy and the complacency that I believe is rapidly leading to our undoing. We have become so lazy and disengaged that we are now willing to cozy right back up to the spineless GOP politicians and candidates who we know are no good for us. But many are either too lazy or too afraid to do what is necessary for any real change to occur.

And so the political theater continues.

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