Appealing to a government that has made it abundantly clear that they are either incompetent to defend your rights, or that they have no intention of doing so, is a futile effort. We have reached the point at which we should stop expecting the answers to be found in our legislators and state officials. They have repeatedly failed us, and the legislation that they are proposing to protect freedom is so impotent (and dangerously compromising of our freedom) that I question whether or not they are even sincere.

As it is said that it is the definition of insanity to continue to do the same thing and expect a different result, I propose that we get smarter in our approach and develop a strategy. No practical strategy is being brought forth to the people to follow, but I believe that people ARE looking for direction and actions that they can take. (I know I have been.)

I do have some ideas for how to mobilize the people to action, but for it to be successful, others must join in and help spread the message of freedom. This is what I have tried to get the Voter Accuracy Project to help with, but to no avail. There are many who claim to be patriots who do not support the approach that I propose, but who instead want to continue to try to fix a broken and corrupted system of government by appealing to a broken and corrupted system of government. This makes no sense to me.

Here is a basic outline of what I believe we must do:1) Ask our elected officials who among them has the integrity to uphold their oath and side with the people2) Remind our elected officials that they derive their authority from us and that of they are public servants who swore an oath3) Assess, based upon how (or if) our elected officials respond to our concerns where it is we stand in relation to our government (Do they hold the proper respect for those whom they asked to serve? Or have they abandoned that purpose?)4) Use the clarity that has been gained to form our next steps forward.

Despite knowing that not a single senator is presently on the side of "we the people" when it comes to election integrity (even Senator Clements has gone silent on the matter), I still hold out some hope that there are still some senators with the integrity to take the side of the people and stand with us in our fight to preserve our vote and our voice in government.

But if our senators and state officials fail us, then we must look to a county level strategy to conduct our elections. I think that a unified and statewide strategy should be formed and shared. I know that there are some who have been looking into what can be done at the county level with regard to our elections. I explain in the video the need for the effort to be a unified one to be successful. If anyone who has been doing that work has a strategy to share (because I've not seen a unified strategy being shared yet), then please let me know so I can help share it.

The Voter Accuracy Project has some good information to share, but the solutions they propose are impotent and little more than "hopium." They offer no specific direction to people. Telling you to call our state senators and tell them you are mad is not going to be enough. And all of the results VAP is seeking to deliver would arrive too late. Our efforts should be focused on securing our next election in May--and yet VAP pretends as if primary elections do not matter. But why?

I very much call into question the inexplicable rudeness and resistance I have been met with when I have tried to talk to them about the very approach that I have outlined above. (The rule I follow is "don't start none, won't be none," but I am no shrinking violet and will counterpunch when necessary.) The nastiness and censorship of the information I was sharing increased when I became more critical of Secretary of State Evnen. Why would Voter Accuracy Project not want to take action now to try to prevent us from holding an unconstitutional primary?

The steps above are just my ideas for actions that I believe we should be taking now--and encouraging others to take. I'm open to hearing other ideas if people have them. I'm just not hearing any approach that focuses on a unified effort. This isn't "my way or the highway." I want to work with anyone who has practical suggestions to secure our next election. The only thing I care about is getting results BEFORE the primary, so if anyone has any ideas, please share them! Time is of the essence. And our freedom is at stake.

Jennifer Hicks
Candidate for Nebraska AG

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