In several recent posts, I have shared an Election Integrity Resolution. The resolution was written to provide Nebraska voters who are concerned about our elections with documented and verifiable evidence which they may submit to our senators to demand that meaningful election integrity bills be introduced in the 2023 legislative session. 

I suggest emailing the resolution to Senator Clements, Senator Halloran, and your own senator (if different than one of those two). I will share below a copy of the letter I sent to Senator Halloran--minus my typo misspelling of "process," which I failed to catch in my original letter! Oops! But they don't have to be perfect. The important thing is that our senators hear from their constituents. As J6 political prisoner Jeremy Brown says, "Don't do nothing." If the only influence that they receive is from their political peers, then we cannot expect that they will listen to us instead of to other politicians. Our voices need to be louder.

So here it is. Feel free to adapt it or use it as is; or, even better, include your own message. I just want to make it easy for those who would like to send a letter to have something to work from, if they wish. The letter below was sent with the Election Integrity Resolution attached to the email. You can download the resolution below, or you may copy/paste the resolution form the following link:


Dear Senator Halloran,

I am submitting to you a resolution of Nebraska voters which calls upon our senators to introduce and prioritize meaningful legislation in the 2023 Legislative Session which would help to secure our elections and restore integrity and faith to the process.

This resolution contains suggestions for legislation which I hope you will consider; but more importantly, the resolution outlines actual evidence for why it is that our senators must prioritize election integrity as the top issue to be addressed in 2023. Whether you adopt the suggestions in this resolution or seek to introduce other legislation, Nebraskans will be watching to see which of our senators go to work to ensure that our elections, which we currently cannot trust, are conducted fairly and in accordance with our constitution.

The evidence of Secretary of State Evnen's negligence in providing proper oversight of our elections demands an intervention from our senators to ensure that legislation to secure our elections is FOUGHT FOR by our senators. No longer can elected officials point to Secretary of State Bob Evnen as the "trusted voice" on election matters in our state, and this resolution gives solid proof of why trust in Evnen has been eroded. He has lied to us.

This resolution serves as a test of integrity and accountability to our senators, for when faced with indisputable evidence for why Nebraskans cannot trust the oversight provided by the Secretary of State's office, will our senators choose to protect the rights of the people, or will they choose to protect the interests of their political peers? That is the question which each senator must answer.

I am calling upon you to lead your political peers in the Unicameral by taking the side of the people and calling for meaningful legislation to secure our elections to be drafted AND prioritized. Many have lost faith in our elected officials and no longer believe that there is any integrity left among our politicians. I believe that integrity can still be found, but I find that it is often cloaked in fear. I call upon you to show courage and to lead. If you do so in this matter, the people will support you.

Thank you for considering the following attached resolution, and I look forward to receiving your response.


Jennifer Hicks