Shared by Brenda Fourtner, Candidate for Legislature, District 42

On March 2nd, there are 4 election bills being heard.  We need everyone to submit comments in SUPPORT of all four bills outlined below.  You can add suggested amendments as well.
ALSO- we need to FILL THE CAPITAL that afternoon!!!!  Senators will tell you that 100+ people filling the halls makes them nervous!  Whether you want to testify or not, we need you there.  Dr Frank will be present at the hearings to testify as well.  Hearings start at 1:30
The bills we need to support are
LB828- Anyone intentionally manipulating the outcome of elections is guilty of a class II felony
LB1121- inspector hired by the state to inspect voting machines
LB1123- tabulating of ballots can NOT happen until ALL polling places are closed in the state
LB1181- requires absentee ballots to send a required copy of identification of the voter (voter ID laws will make this identification more specific, we need this version to pass first)  anyone not dropping off their own ballot, must include identification with the ballot

Go to to submit comment BY NOON on March 1, or email these senators:,,,,,,,

***These bills are a start to legislation that can reform the serious issues in our elections,
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