At the candidate forum in Rushville this past weekend, I had the opportunity to speak twice to those in attendance. In the order that we spoke, both times I went just before Senator Hilgers, who is also a candidate for AG. And both times that I had the opportunity, I called upon Hilgers to assure Nebraskans that he does not share the dangerous views of Ricketts (who endorses Hilgers) and of the women in our Legislature who have made it clear that they are all supporters of "because I said so" government--the kind of government that cares nothing for facts or for seeking out the truth, but instead would presume a person guilty simply because someone said that they were.

Voters should heed this as a red flag. The next time the finger could be pointed at YOU.

This presumption of guilt that is being promoted by those within our very own government is NOT just. An endorsement of any candidate from Ricketts should be a red flag to voters, and any candidates who have received Ricketts' endorsement should be asked if they share his views when it comes to how it is that we determine guilt. "Because I said so" government is a very dangerous thing, and people should take heed of candidates who do not speak out against it. The next time, the finger could be pointed at you.Senator 

Hilgers stuck to his scripted speech and never did answer my call for him to go on the record as to where he stands when it comes to whether or not Herbster should be presumed guilty or innocent.

(Herbster isn't even the candidate that I will be voting for. I will cast my vote for candidate for governor Michael Connely. But Herbster is entitled to the presumption of innocence, and it worries me to see those who are currently serving in our government say otherwise.)

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