What result do parents often get when they try harder to be friends with their kids instead of being their disciplinarian? The outcome of such an approach is often that you run the risk of ending up with rotten kids who do not respect you. Our government is no different, and it is our responsibility to be good stewards of our government. We seem to have forgotten that.  

I was planning on keeping my thoughts to myself this legislative session, but I have been asked whether or not I was planning to attend the rally at the capitol for the Final Reading of LB 574. I won't be there. I share my commentary regarding that here in this video. As stated in the video, I've not dug deeply into the text of this bill, but have only followed it in summaries of legislative activity in the Unicameral Update. So some of my commentary is specific to information gleaned from that.

Anyway, I explain here why I have not been involved in legislative activity this year (with the exception of having submitted some letters to the record on some bills which document the predictions that I speak of in the video). I also explain why I have concerns about the way that the transgender issue is being addressed--not just in our state, but in our nation. I believe we need to stop outsourcing the protection of our freedom, our rights, AND our children to the government. And if that means that we have to put up a different kind of fight, then, by God, that is what we should do. '

As the left likes to say, "By Any Means Necessary." That's how you protect your kids. Not through compromise, and certainly not by ignoring what the real root of the problem is. We should be every bit as unwilling to permit the government to regulate our children as we are about letting them regulate our guns. 

Be careful what you ask for.

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