By Michael Connely

WHO in his or her right mind would think that a big box, outside, unattended, could EVER be secure in an election? 

A big drop-off box, sitting unattended...anything could be dropped into that little slot and nobody would even notice what it was, or who put it in there.

Here are some of the things that need changed ASAP. Wait, why do I say ASAP. We want to use a faulty system, to elect people, who will get rid of the faulty system. Let that soak in for a bit. That is like, if someone chooses a mafia representative to head the police who will be in charge of rooting out mafia corruption... a good idea?

  1. Seriously, GET RID OF DROP OFF BOXES. A small team of individuals, a print shop, a list of who has not voted recently makes this a PRIME way that dishonestly can creep into our elections.
  2. I am sure by now you have ALL seen the information about the software that tallies and spits out the vote count. It has a built in “what happens in this computer stays in this computer” clause in the contract. Seriously. If there is software inside that distorts numbers, and it is found (complicated process), it CANNOT be mentioned by the public official finding it. SERIOUSLY, that is in our contract. Want to read it yourself and hope your jaw does not just drop off and break, ask Jennifer Hicks (running for Attorney General) to display a copy of the contract that OUR state officials signed to use these machines. Cut out electronics.
  3. Forget a statewide audit like Arizona did. Everything was just swept under the rug and dismissed in one fell swoop. Instead, audit ONE of the most suspect election precincts. Find out who did what for those bizarre numbers, arrest, prosecute, then go to the next precinct. There are some neighborhoods that are very Red, but voted Blue. Whole neighborhoods that chose Uncle Joe but now have Brandon signs up! Not sure about you, but that looks a little fishy to me.
  4. Stop mail out. Individuals who cannot come in and vote such as military, disabled, and others, can make special arrangements to receive a ballot, and THOSE should be checked carefully (including a photocopied ID), BUT having government mass mail the ballots out is insane. MASSIVE potential for twisted results.

How can we choose individuals to change a corrupt system if we utilize the corrupt system to choose the individuals to change that system. WOW. Keep your fingers crossed is how that works.

Let me give you ONE small action step. Visit your State Senator... yes go to his or her office, sit there and ask to speak. Say this. (Simple version) “The contract we have with the election machine company does not allow us to discover problems if any exist. That negates my constitutional right to have a fair vote. Please have the Attorney General state that the contract with the election machine company is unconstitutional, therefore we must discontinue use of those machines.”

BUT do not go in alone. Bring in half a dozen of more of your friends. Make an impact. Then, do it again.

Michael Connely

2022 Candidate for Nebraska Governor

P.S. The Grand Candidate Forum is coming up March 20 at the Holthus Convention Center where you can hear candidates from ALL parties for Governor, Attorney General, and Secretary of State. That is an event you do not want to miss near the intersection of Hwy 81 and I-80. 

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