It is because I can find no representation of MY voice in government that I have decided to become a candidate myself. I am running for the office of Nebraska Attorney General. It will be up to the people of Nebraska to decide if I am the best applicant for the job, but I hope to at least provide the people with another option and to help raise the bar on all of the other candidates.  

It was concerns about election integrity that got me active in politics immediately following the November 2020 election. I believe that securing our elections must be a top priority for us all, because so many of the problems that we are currently facing stem directly from who has been given control of our government. 

To be assured that those who are in control of our government are the people whom the voters have chosen, we must have assurances that our election process if a free and fair one. I believe that the current contract between ES&S and the State of Nebraska violates our constitutional right to a free election and one that is without impediment to our right to exercise the elective franchise. The following video and the attached documents demonstrate the reasons why I believe the contract with ES&S must be broken before the primary election next May. How our elected officials respond to this--all of whom have sworn an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution and the Nebraska State Constitution--will give us a clear answer before our primary election as to whether or not elections in our state are free.   

I would challenge Senator Hilgers to call upon our current AG Peterson to immediately address the concerns raised in this video interview conducted by Amber Parker. Namely, does the ES&S contract pose an impediment and hindrance to the constitutional right of the people to have a free election? 

The elected officials in Nebraska also need to answer the question of who it is that is providing oversight of our elections. When asked to address election concerns, the typical response from our elected officials is to point to someone else as having the responsibility. (i.e., "Not my job.) So with everyone pointing the finger at someone else with regard to whose job it is to provide oversight, I believe the people of Nebraska deserve some clarity on the matter. 

And, finally, I believe that there needs to be a clearer definition of just exactly who was meant to be represented by "the State of Nebraska" when the contract with ES&S was awarded.  The contract with ES&S states that any provision of the contract between the State and ES&S is subject to the statutory authority of the Attorney General. The provisions of the contract, including the section on Governing Law which states that the contract is subject to limitation by the State's Constitution, should have invalidated the contract even on the very day that it was signed. How can the non-disclosure agreements which demand concealment of any failure of ES&S to ensure that our elections are secure be anything other than a hindrance and and impediment to our constitutional right to a free election?  

The link below will take you to my video interview on this topic conducted by Amber Parker and shared on Facebook. I wish I could post the video here directly, but unfortunately it is too large of a file for me to upload.

The following images are from the contract between the State of Nebraska and ES&S, and it can be viewed in it's entirely here:

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