Q:  You honestly are going to sit here and blame Trump who had his arm twisted by the entire country to come up with a vaccination asap? Trump never mandated the vaccination that was new, Biden did! You can’t be serious to actually blame Trump for Biden’s vaccination mandates, that is completely asinine! Biden mandated the vaccination because he wanted to uphold his promise before the vaccination was even available to stop COVID. Trump was under fire for not doing enough and not taking COVID seriously according to the left, he was on blast for down playing the seriousness of COVID and was essentially forced by those in a panic to come up with something to protect the American people right away. How is that people forget that of which happened just literally a few years ago? Trump is the last person to blame for this! The left is completely to blame for all the panic and encourage forced mandates! Absolutely no one that I know who are conservative ever believed in forced vaccination mandates but every person that I know who is Democrat and Liberal have. People need to stop blaming Trump for everyone else’s actions.

My response:

A: Hold up. Show me the proof that Trump's arm was twisted by the entire country to come up with a vaccination. I have never seen ANY proof of that, despite people repeating that story--which I have seen being pushed in Q/QAnon propaganda. So those who are saying that have bought into a lie, I think. The truth is that no one was clamoring for a vaccine. Operation Warp Speed didn't happen because Americans were begging for a vaccine. Hell, Trump himself said that we were "very close to a vaccine" in February 2020! 

And what is even more interesting about him making that claim at that time is that in February 2020 Trump was also acknowledging the truth about the virus--that is was NOT a real threat (who why the vaccine?) and that the fatality rate of it was very low. So any rationally thinking person should want to know why Trump was honest about the true threat of the virus back in February 2020, but since that time and to this day he is still lying to us when he says that HIS vaccine saved millions and millions of lived. 

And yes, Trump was never for a mandate, but he insists that HE be the one credited for that "beautiful shot" (that's what he calls it), AND that we would not even have the vaccine if not for Trump. So any rational thinking person would have to arrive at the conclusion that Biden would never have had a vaccine to mandate if Trump hadn't ensured that there was a vaccine to mandate. 

Much of what you believe is fiction and not fact. And there is a lot of fiction going around in those Q/QAnon videos. You do ask a good question, though, about how is it that people forget what actually happened. It is BECAUSE people forget the truth of history that they are susceptible to being taken in by these propaganda narratives. I addressed this recently when I was showing that a popular story that I had seen spreading, I believe as the result of Q/QAnon type videos (for it was in an SGAnon video that I first saw it), that was claiming that vaccine manufacturers had kept secret the fact that the vaccines didn't prevent infection. That story was being presented on the SGAnon video that I saw as if there were some sort of scandal there. But the story that was being presented was all based on a lie. I show the proof of that--and remind people of the historical accuracy of things--in this video: https://www.voicesofnebraska.com/silent-no-more/dispelling-a-myth

There is also some misinformation being spread by those propaganda videos that suggests that it was scandalous and a "slip up" when a reporter claimed that the vaccine was being spoken of in January 2020--as if that were something that we weren't supposed to know. But that's simply not true. Those Q/QAnon videos are misleading people and causing them to believe that history happened differently than it actually did. So if you TRULY believe that we should not forget what actually happened, then--if you are honest--you should have questions about why it is that Trump--in February 2020--was claiming that the virus posed no real threat and that the fatality rate of it was very low, but since that time he has changed his story and has come to claim that HIS vaccine saved millions and millions of lives. How do you, as someone who says we must not forget the things which actually happened, reconcile that? The video of Trump saying those things in February 2020 can be found here: https://www.voicesofnebraska.com/silent-no-more/why-did-trump-shut-down-our-country-and-put-taxpayer-toward-a-vaccine-when-he-knew-the-fatality-rate-of-covid-19-was-so-low. Don't you want to know why Trump--in February 2020--said that we were "very close to a vaccine?" For a virus that he--at that time--was also saying was no real threat. Wouldn't you want to know why it is that he said those things then, and why he continues to be untruthful with us now when he speaks as if the virus posed more threat that it actually ever did. We know that he did know the truth in February 2020, so what changed? We should be asking those questions. 

So I'll ask once more, where are the sources that support the arguments you are making. I'm willing to have my mind changed, and--unlike Trump--I'm willing to admit when I've gotten things wrong. We do agree that it is of great importance that we do not forget history as it happened, and the evidence of history as it happened doesn't support your argument. If you have other evidence to counter my own, then I would be glad to take a look at it. 

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