Politicians have conditioned us to believe that they are above us. They are not. But for us to reclaim our government, we must CLAIM our rights. We must speak from our mouths, from our pens, and from our keyboards an unceasing message that we do not grant any authority to those who have abused the privilege of being our representatives. We FIRE them from their jobs, because THEY work for us.

We must CLAIM, USE, and DEFEND our rights. How do we do that?

Well, the peaceful place to start, I believe, is by CLAIMING our rights. Far too many have not done so. We must declare our independence from a government that has become tyrannical and abusive. So, I believe, the peaceful place to begin is to put your senator on notice that he or she is not doing the job that you hired them to do. I've learned from my short time in politics that although there are a lot of corrupt politicians, many of them are just clueless and don't know what the hell they are doing. So let's give them the chance to do the right thing by asking them if they will. By their response, we will know where they stand.

I believe that such a declaration of independence to our senators must be the starting point, for it gives them each the opportunity to choose to do the right thing and take the side of "we the people" in opposing the tyranny. Those who would do that should be considered late-to-the-game heroes, but heroes nonetheless, for it will take courage on their part to do it. They should not be denied our forgiveness for their previous failures, but should be welcomed to the fight. The unforgiveable thing would be for them to continue to turn their backs on the people whom they have asked to serve. But I would grant no mercy to those who choose to side against the people.

The link below has a letter that you can copy/paste to your senator. Or you may write your own. But please CLAIM your rights and let your senator know that their failure to represent you and to be effective at the job they were hired to do in government will no longer stand. And if you are wondering what we do next after that, stay tuned. I have sent that letter to every senator in the Unicameral. As I begin to get back replies, I will share them with you. Together, we can find out exactly where we stand in relation to our government--and then together we can withdraw our consent if those whom we have elected choose not to side with the people. 



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