I have been very vocal in my defense of candidate for governor Charles Herbster's right to be presumed innocent. Herbster isn't even the candidate who will get my vote (I'm voting for Connely). You can see in this video the anger that I have toward those in our government who think that it is okay to label people with the intent to do harm to them, without ever giving them the opportunity to speak. People need to understand what danger there is in that, and how important it is that we all stand up and speak out against it.

This isn't a defense of Herbster, and this video doesn't even focus on that. It has to do with the threat that is posed when we fail to stand up to a government that labels us and tries to silence us. In this video, I talk about the necessity for us to put it upon the candidates running for office to commit to the people that they will have the courage to stand up and speak out against a government that tries to silence ALL of us by threatening to label us as terrorists if we dare to express concerns about the integrity of our elections or the safety and efficacy of vaccines or other COVID response measures.

In this video I also caution against those who would misplace their trust in people who do not truly understand how to effectively fight against tyranny. They don't even refer to what they are fighting against as tyranny, and I think that the problem is that they don't understand the scope of the problem that they are fighting. The problems with our elections are so much greater than just Democrats cheating.

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