By Jennifer Hicks

Please take the time to open up the web site below and use the online form provided to send a message to AG Doug Peterson, asking him to join the Supreme Court filing regarding the November 2020 election.

Here is an excerpt from the article by Patrick Byrne that the link below leads to. The reason I am including this excerpt is because it highlights two very important things. [The bold print, though, is my own.]
1. It serves as a reminder of just how badly our elected Republicans have failed us (both in our state and across the nation) and left "we the people" with on representation, AND how when they do speak it is actively against us!
1. It points to the fact that our voice is where our power lies. Because it is what many in government and media fear most, it is what they have worked hardest to suppress. We CAN fight back with our voice. We can send a message to our AG when we send this letter requesting him to join in filing this case with the Supreme Court. But we can do even more than that. We can carry a discussion of the action that we took into our communities and invite others to take action as well. Tell your friends, family, or coworkers that you signed this, and ask them if they have heard about it. Having these discussions is a way for us to amplify our voice by multiplying its power.

> Currently, you should know that behind the scenes the RNC (a.k.a. “Republican National Committee” a.k.a. “RINO Nesting Chamber” is ferociously lobbying the state AGs not to take this case. That’s right, they raised over $300 million from you, the public, claiming they would use it to redress what happened in November, 2020. As a guy who has been on the front lines these last 12 months, I promise, they never made an appearance. I never saw them or received their help or saw them offer help, not even once. Not in Maricopa, not in Wisconsin, not in Georgia…. And now **they are actively dissuading state Attorneys General from filing this case **with SCOTUS. If you gave them a donation towards those ends, I would demand it back if I were you. You were fleeced.* Feel free to direct 1/5 as much money to the America Project, where it will do a hell of a lot more good (donation page provided for convenience).
> But the RINOs do not matter because there is something the AGs fear a lot more than Ronna McDaniel. And that is you (the collective “you”). So take 20 seconds, go to, and **make your voice heard **through the conveniently little tool there on the right when you land. They are receiving thousands of such messages, and yes it makes a difference. Nothing like it has ever happened to them.

The entire article by Patrick Byrne can be found at the web site below.

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