Those who have claimed that my criticism of the GOP is some sort of bitter reaction to not having won my race for AG have not been paying attention. At all. If they had been, they would know that it was BECAUSE OF the failures of the GOP that I became a candidate in the first place. 

The GOP had become a party that afforded me no representation, and so I sought to enter the fray as a candidate to try to make my voice heard that way. The effort that it took to get my voice and my message out as a candidate was a constant uphill climb, as the GOP and other so-called “conservative” groups proved that they truly don’t want the boat rocked by those who seek to put the people first. (There is no money in that.) 

The truth is that grassroots candidates (and the people that they represent--you know, "the little people") are not welcome in the GOP. And yet, even after they crap all over you, they still expect you to stay on the plantation and serve them. They have become no better than the Democrats in that way, even employing all of the same tricks and tools. 

The only way that change within the Republican Party can truly happen is when people finally REJECT the GOP as it currently exists. And that very well might mean that we #walkaway from what they have become. Anyone who is a realist will see that time is of the essence when it comes to our survival--and I don't just mean the survival of the party. I mean our ACTUAL survival from tyrants who view us as expendables. And the GOP has joined those tyrants. People would be fools to continue to champion their own destruction. 

Republicans used to be able to criticize Democrats for cheering on their own destruction, but I'm watching so many Republicans now do the same.  Emotional arguments that center on the core values of the party are used to scare people into voting for people who don't even have the spines to uphold their oath of office and to fight tyranny. People blame Democrats for what our country has become, but I blame the Republicans who allowed it to happen without a fight. We support and encourage the political theater to continue when we cheer on the Republicans for “fighting against” and “opposing” the problems which would not even exist if not for their own inaction. Had our Republicans fought against the takeover of our country following the November 2020 election, then many of the things for which we now may credit them for “opposing” are things which we would never have faced in the first place if they had done their damn jobs and not allowed the takeover in the first place. But the problem isn’t just one of cowardice. Many are in on the take and want to join in with the establishment elites who get to lord over us. (But only if we let them.) 

So what does it matter what the party stands for in print when, in practice, they are all nothing but a bunch of spineless cowards who have thrown our country under the bus? It just doesn't make good sense to continue to support that or to make excuses for it, and yet, so many right now are. And they are doing so out of fear. Fear that Blood would be worse. But I'll be honest with you, I think we would be stronger against tyrants--including Blood--if Republicans would refuse to sacrifice their dignity on the altar of the GOP for the sake of trying to elect an installed and supremely inferior Republican candidate for governor. True unity would be to join together to oppose ALL of the globalist tyrants—even those within our own party. As long as we stay submissive and obedient to an abusive party that cares nothing for us and takes us for granted, then we will continue to get what we accept.

I genuinely find Libertarian candidate for governor, Scott Zimmerman, to be the best option that we have right now, and he will receive my vote. Given that time is of the essence in this fight, rather than cling to core values that are NOT being represented by a GOP who continues to bend more to the will of the left than to the will of the people, it makes much more sense to me to support a party that promotes individualism rather than a groupthink and hive mind mentality. I believe that the best chance we have right now of remaining free people is to adopt the view of the realist who is able to take in the “big picture” and to see that our very survival depends upon a unity that expands across party lines, despite our differences and beliefs. (Think of when Trump met with Kim Jong Un—the meeting itself was never any indication of agreement or shared values, but many saw it as still a good thing to have occurred.)  

Embracing some friction is required for us to stay sharp and at the ready, for as the Bible tells us--as iron sharpens iron, so do we sharpen one another. It is when we avoid the friction that we remain dull. Promoting individualism very well may be the best defense we have right now against communism. And given that it has taken decades to make us as complacent as we have become, I believe that we waste precious time (of which we have very little) when we stay divided and focused solely on the particulars of a party, because none of them will mean a damn thing (regardless of party) if we all become permanent subjects of a tyrannical government. (I say "permanent," because in many ways we are already there.)

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