Are you tired of the status quo, Politicians making decisions for you? Do you like the content you are reading in Would you like to bring our State back under the control of "We the People?" 

We need your help!! If you are 18 years of age or older and would like to volunteer your help to make this happen, either by signing the initiatives that are available, helping to get them signed in your community, sponsoring an event for our candidates such as a meet and greet, or whatever you can help us with, please answer a few questions and someone will contact you. 

Thank you so much for helping to put Nebraska's government back into the hands of We the People.

Please complete the volunteer survey to learn more about how you can help #TakeBackTheState of Nebraska from the power-hold of a government that has been working on behalf of politicians instead of working to defend the rights of the citizens of Nebraska.

Let us know which level of involvement works for you by completing the survey below. Thank you!

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