When I get the chance to question candidates, I always try to ask about medical freedom issues and/or election integrity. In this video, I asked candidate for governor Breland Ridenour if he would sign the initiative that is currently circulating which would protect against medical mandates. He refused.

This initiative is now more important than ever to try to get on the ballot, because with the recent signing into law of LB906, Nebraskans actually LOST medical freedom. The purpose of the bill was to protect you from vaccine mandates from your employer, but it seems that no one in our government knows how to put up a proper fight to defend your rights. Now, it is codified into our statutes that your employer CAN require you to wear a mask and submit to regular testing. And now that we've begun down the path of surrendering freedoms in order to gain some temporary comfort, the next time the tyrants come for our freedom, we will have less of it to lose. The vaccine mandates should have been fought in a better way.

The screenshot is a message I received some time back from the founder of Nebraskans Against Government Overreach, Allie French. As you are vetting your candidates, please be sure to find out if those who are trying to guide you in your vetting don't have ulterior motives. You should question everyone and everything. Do your own research. Until they were called on it, NAGO recently had me rated in their candidate assessment as lower than a candidate who supports CRT and who believes that children should be able to choose their own gender. NAGO has also conducted personal attacks (rooted in falsehoods) to try to tear down ALL of the Voices of Nebraska candidates.

I have asked Breland Ridenour several times in the past if he would publicly disassociate himself from NAGO due to their willingness to sling mud and engage in personal attacks on candidates, rather than on sticking to the issues. He would not. Ridenour is the candidate that has been pushed by NAGO, and he is who they now endorse. NAGO censors and blocks the voices of candidates whom they don't want heard. They are no better than the mainstream media or the GOP, both of whom seek to interfere and to manipulate by controlling the access to information that people need in order to be able to make an informed choice.

Does NAGO sometimes do good work? Absolutely. There are many wonderful people who are members of the group. But I think that people would be wise to use caution when following their advice. Clearly, when it comes to candidates, their agenda goes beyond offering information for others to use to make up their own mind. The leaders of NAGO have, for months and months, been using NAGO as a political tool for conducting unsavory mudslinging on Ridenour's behalf. They have blocked me from several groups to keep me from telling what I know.

Trust no one--not me or anyone else--to do your vetting for you this time around. So much is at stake, and it is a shame to me that the vast majority of politicians and wannabe politicians are focused more on winning at all costs than they are on trying to solve the problems that we are currently facing. The initiatives are candidate for governor Michael Connely's way of trying to solve the problems. Anyone interested in signing the initiatives or helping to collect signatures for them can watch for signing events to be posted here https://www.voicesofnebraska.com/initiatives-signing-events. You can also email me at voicesofnebraska@gmail.com if you have questions.

Jennifer Hicks
Candidate for Nebraska Attorney General

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