“This initiative has now gained national attention, expect to see it on the ballot. This department by 2023 will cease to exist, education will return to the local level under parental control,” said Gubernatorial candidate and organizer behind the petition Michael Connely .
Connely, along with Kelli Brady of Bellevue are the two main organizers behind the effort to replace the Board of Education.

Read more here:  https://foxnebraska.com/newsletter-daily/state-board-of-education-holds-first-meeting-since-petition-called-for-its-replacement

For those who want to help us gather signatures and DIRECTLY fight against: Socialist rot in our education, Forced medical mandates, Lack of election integrity and many other urgent problems, click on this link and join. Tell us what county you are in so we can direct you to that area's initiative manager.


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