The sad fact is that it isn’t only our media outlets who have stripped us of our freedom by suppressing our voices. Many in our government have done so as well. It seems not to matter anymore whether an elected politician has an “R” next to his or her name.

Michael Connely’s “Restore the Good Life” plan uses initiatives to give people back their VOICE in government. We have been robbed of that by politicians who will not act, as well as by a media who will not help to bring attention to issues of importance to us. The initiatives offer a way around the cancellation of conservative values by the media, because if enough signatures are obtained, then the issues will become impossible for the media and our government to ignore. The media will HAVE to cover them because, if we collect enough signatures, the issues that we care about will be on the ballot and in front of the eyes of every voter in the state to decide. Attention will finally be brought to issues that would otherwise be ignored by the media.

The circulation of the initiatives across our state helps to foster discussions in our communities of the things that are important to us as Nebraskans. And with the stroke of a pen, every eligible voter is offered the opportunity to have their voice heard. As we continue to, time and again, get ignored by our senators, our governor, and by others in elected positions across our state, these initiatives offer us a way around our government when they fail to represent the people. Just as so many across our state have sent a message to our government by passing resolutions on issues that are important to Nebraskans, these initiatives also serve to send a strong message about which issues it is that we most would like to see our government address. AND it exposes the failure of all of our currently elected public servants for having failed to address these issues already. 

The initiatives help to restore our voice because they offer a way around stagnant government and also a way around media that seek to suppress conservative values. All you have to do is look around and you will see just how successful they have been in doing so. We can gather together hundreds at rallies and yet still the media does not give fair coverage to the issues we are trying to bring attention to. But if we collect enough signatures on the initiatives, the media will have no choice but to report on these issues as they will make their way onto the ballot and finally become part of the public discussion in a way that the media may still seek to influence, but will not be able to effectively cancel.

In addition to bringing visibility to issues in a way that helps to amplify our voice in government, the initiatives also offer voters choice in how they use their voice. At every step of the way, the initiative process allows voter to exercise their choice—an opportunity that our government seldom seems to provide us anymore. Voters have the opportunity to read every initiative before signing, and they get to exercise their CHOICE as to whether to participate of not. That is freedom. The ability to choose. And they get to exercise their choice again at the ballot box. The initiatives place more freedom and more power in the hands of the voters.

Why does the “Restore the Good Life” plan include so many initiatives at once? Simple. President Trump showed Republicans, who usually ask for so little on our behalf and who almost always end up bending to the will of the Dems, the proper way to negotiate. Just as we all do in our daily lives when it comes to things like buying a car or a house, we never start the discussion at the place where we wish to end up. (And if you do, you are doing it wrong.) We should always ask for more than we can reasonably expect to get, because we should always assume that we will get less than what it is we are asking for. We most admire politicians like President Trump and DeSantis who “shoot for the moon” when it comes to negotiating on our behalf. If they only manage to get us halfway to the moon, then they will have taken us a hell of a lot farther than most in our government are even willing to try.

I have always believed that it would be a victory if we get even ONE of these initiatives on the ballot on the power of the people to get it done, for at every turn, the naysayers have said that such an undertaking is impossible without ungodly amounts of money being poured into paying people to collect signatures. The required signatures can be collected on the power of the people and our involvement in our government and in the protection of our freedom does not have to be bought. (Nor should it be.) We should be vested enough in our own freedom to be willing to take the small amount of time and effort needed to collect the signatures. You can set up in the right place and fill up a form of signatures (which I think is 20 on a page) all in one day, or you can carry the initiatives with you and collect the signatures, here and there, over the course of a month. But the effort is minimal and the impact would be YUGE if we succeed at getting these issues in front of the voters on election day.

Michael Connely’s approach is one of putting the people first and working with them in a collaborative effort. He is a candidate for governor, but at the end of the day, when all of the votes are counted, he doesn’t want it to be any individual candidate for governor who “wins” the election. No matter what the outcome of the election may be, Connely wants the winners to be the people of Nebraska, and so his focus is more on helping them than it is on obtaining an elected seat for himself. But I believe a person such as that is exactly the kind of person we need in office—one who listens to, respects, and cares about the people whom he is asking to represent.

If you are like me and looking for a way for "we the people" to take back our rightful role in our government, then please consider joining the "Restore the Good Life" movement. Use the "Contact" form on this web site and indicate which county you are in and that you'd like to volunteer to collect signatures on initiatives. And then watch here for his travel schedule to be posted and shared so that you will know when he will be in your county with the initiatives. (He will soon begin traveling to every county.) 

It’s time to restore our voice in government and to take back our power. These initiatives give us an opportunity to do just that. No matter who your choice is for governor, let’s not squander this opportunity to get these issues on the ballot for the voters to decide.

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