We don't know how to fight. 

We are a nation of people who are like that guy in the story/joke who continually rejects offers of help to be saved from drowning because he is waiting on the Lord to appear to him outright and scoop him up and save him. Well, guess what? The guy in that story drowned, and when he got to the gates of Heaven and asked why God didn't save him, he was informed that God sent him multiple avenues of escape from death, and he foolishly ignored them because they didn't come in the way that he wanted or thought that they would. 

And so he drowned.

 Will that be the fate of our nation--to die due to our own failure to recognize help and a way out of trouble when it is presented to us? The best hope we have going forward would be for us to break free from the tribal party political structures that keep Republicans and Democrats at each others throats. The best path forward would be to unite together and support that which offers the most promise to disrupt the corrupt government structure that keeps us all enslaved to it with demands of party loyalty. Kennedy's candidacy as an Independent offers us an option to disrupt, expose, weaken, and declare independence against a uniparty system of government that views voters from every party as its subjects. 

This isn't about Kennedy. And, quite honestly, I think that Kennedy himself would agree with that. It's about a moment in time that offers us a test to determine whether or not we are sincere in our claims of what it is that we say that we want. For example, if we truly want election integrity, then we would be wise to support an Independent candidate, because to do so offers us a way to weaken, expose, and resist the corrupt governmental structure that is behind so much of the manipulation that takes place in our elections. Voting for an Independent is a way of "refusing to comply" with the corrupt two-party system that our government relies upon to keep us ALL under it's thumb by conditioning us to believe that the only way to win is to remain loyal to (and enslaved by) a tyrannical duopoly. 

I view Kennedy's run as an Independent candidate as our last opportunity to move the needle away from its firm position which has been stuck on uniparty politics (absent the involvement of the people) for far too long.

THAT is what I support.  

Kennedy's candidacy offers us an opportunity to disrupt our tyrannical government.  But will we take up that opportunity or will we foolishly let it pass us by?

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