Well, let me begin by saying that I couldn't possibly claim to know what Trump is driven by and why he makes the decisions he does. Granted, there is a lot of propaganda out there that DOES claim to know those things, down to the very inner workings of the mind of Trump and why he "had no choice" but to make the decisions that he did in response to the plandemic attack on our nation in 2020. I believe that such propaganda offers only fictional narratives. All that I am offering is a possibility, based on an observation of the facts, that I believe we should not rule out. 

There have been attempts made from some very avid Trump supporters to try to tie Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., to Trump. The idea of Kennedy joining forces with Trump has been suggested by Roger Stone and Steve Bannon, and appears to have been received well by many among Trump's base of supporters. It appears that General Flynn also supports such an alliance. 

Kennedy, however, has said many times that he is not a fan of Trump. He speaks respectfully of him, but he has made it clear that he isn't a fan. This talk of Kennedy joining with Trump seems to me to be an attempt to try to help Trump overcome the "Achilles' heel" problem of his self-proclaimed prominent role in the production of what many people call "death jabs."

The idea that Kennedy, a man who released a book on the evils of Fauci, would align himself with Trump, the self-proclaimed "father of the vaccine" who spent all of 2020 bending to the will of Fauci, is absurd. It was in November 2021 that Kennedy's book on Fauci was released. Do you know what Trump was doing around that time? In December 2021, Trump was on stage with Bill O'Reilly getting booed because they both were saying they had been boosted and how great the vaccines were. What's more, it was only a couple months PRIOR to that that Trump was telling Maria Bartiromo in an interview that the boosters were nothing more than a "moneymaking operation."

Anyone who was paying attention to what was going on in 2020 can surely surmise that the real reason that Trump is avoiding debate is because he knows that to be questioned about his leadership during the plandemic attack on our nation would come at a cost to him in the polls. And, in that regard, Trump has become a politician--avoiding accountability for the sake of holding on to his political positioning and putting the safety and welfare of Americans second to his own political pursuits. There are daily reports in the news regarding concerns about the harms being caused by the COVID vaccines that Trump used to boast we would not even have if not for him. After spending the greater part of 2021 telling us that HE was the one whom we should credit for "that beautiful shot," Trump has now gone dead silent on the matter.

These are things which Trump should be expected to speak to us about, and yet many conservatives are providing him cover. Tucker's interview with Trump that aired the same night that Trump's opponents were on a debate stage was a softball interview--the equivalent of a sit-down with a friend. It was a disappointment. And I know of only a couple of times that Trump has been asked about the virus and the vaccines. Once, in Iowa a few months ago, a woman in the audience asked Trump what he would do the next time another virus came along. His answer to the woman was to pat himself on the back, suggesting that he would do nothing differently—and to also say that the topic was one that he wasn’t going to be talking about on the campaign trail. I wonder why.

And in a recent interview with Tudor Dixon, Trump was asked about the vaccines and his response was that he favored more transparency regarding vaccines, which is exactly what Kennedy told Trump back in early 2017 needed to be done. When Trump first took office, he called Kennedy and asked him to meet to discuss heading up a vaccine safety commission. And then, after meeting with Kennedy and being told that what was needed was to open up the databases to the public on vaccine safety, Trump whiffed on the whole thing and that was the end of it. Imagine how much differently 2020 could have gone if Trump had followed through on that.

But the thing that should disturb people the most is that, despite the majority of Trump’s own base of supporters seemingly aware that the threat of the virus in 2020 was inflated through fear narratives of the mainstream media and through the overuse of unreliable testing and coding of deaths as "with COVID," Trump is still parroting the mainstream media narrative that the virus was so deadly as to have warranted the response which was given to it. It wasn't, though. The facts show that. Articles that come out almost daily in The Epoch Times and other media sources show that. And articles that were published back in 2020 from many conservative outlets addressed this as well. The failure now of many of those same media outlets to expect Trump to speak honestly to us about his self-proclaimed prominent role in the production of the vaccines appears to be an attempt to sweep under the rug Trump's involvement, for it was Trump himself who has claimed that we would not have the COVID vaccines if not for him.

General Flynn is right about Kennedy. He does appear to be an honest man. I wish I believed I could still say the same thing about Trump, but his failure to speak honestly about the virus and the vaccines causes me to no longer trust his judgment on any issue. 

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