In a recent video of his on Rumble, Theresa Thibodeau's running mate, Trent Loos, claimed that there were only four people in the race for governor. I am disappointed that, just as Theresa Thibodeau has done in the past, Loos is only willing to acknowledge three other people in a race that includes a total of NINE. 

I do not expect that those who only selectively acknowledge people while campaigning are going to be any different once they are elected. That kind of selective acknowledgement from our government as to who is and who is not "important" and worthy of attention is exactly why I am running for office now myself. I seek to represent those like me who have been forgotten or ignored. I believe that every Nebraskan who decides to run for office has the potential to be a "contender." Only one will win, but isn't it up to the voters to decide for themselves which candidates to eliminate?

This next election is pivotal. If voters are as concerned about the state of things as I am, then they will prioritize message over money and seek to learn about EVERY candidate whose name is on the ballot. If I am wrong and that is not where we are, then Loos (and the entire GOP, who also acknowledges only certain candidates) will be proven right that those with money are still the only ones who run the show. No matter which of us proves to be right, it will be up to the PEOPLE to decide

People should beware the deceivers. It isn't mudslinging to say that about Loos. Do you think that Loos doesn't know that there are NINE candidates in the race? I know for a fact that he is aware that there are more than four. Dishonesty and dismissiveness now will equate to dishonesty and dismissiveness later as well. He knows what he said is not true, so why did he say it? For a political advantage? Or because he, like the GOP, thinks that it is okay to ignore candidates based on the amount of money that they have in their coffers?

This is a link to the video which I am referencing:


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