I am curious to know what Senator Mike Hilgers, as one of my opponents in the race for AG, thinks about these allegations of sexual assault directed at Herbster. 

Senator Slama's husband arrived to our Nemaha County GOP Convention last Sunday in a Mike Hilgers pullover to make it clear to the people in my county that the two of them were not supporting me. And that's fine. Senator Slama is no fan of mine because she believes that I am asking her to participate in an overthrow of the government (she actually said that!) when I plead with her to address the constitutionality of ES&S services being used in our elections. The government that we currently have holds no regard for the U.S. Constitution, so I do believe we should reinstitute the U.S. Constitution as the law of the land. I'm not asking her to do anything except uphold her oath to defend the Constitution. 

But back to Hilgers. I truly would like to hear a statement from him on this, as he is someone who has the endorsement and support of Ricketts and the Ricketts crowd. I have made my position clear in several other posts and comments, but I will summarize it in brief by saying that 1) the timing of the allegations against Herbster appear politically motivated, and 2) Herbster should be presumed innocent, absent any verifiable evidence to substantiate the allegations. 

Does Senator Hilgers share the same view as all thirteen of the women in the legislature who signed a statement condemning Herbster and commending Slama and the other accusers for "telling the truth?"

Their statement:

"We commend the brave women who have stepped forward to tell the truth about what they endured at the hands of Charles Herbster, including our friend and colleague, Senator Julie Slama," the statement read. "Sexual assault is despicable and damaging. This is not a question of politics—it is an issue of character and basic human decency. Charles Herbster's behavior is completely unacceptable for anyone, especially someone seeking a public office of authority and trust. Herbster's actions as outlined by the Nebraska Examiner render him unfit to serve."

I am not going to be voting for Herbster, but not because of this. I do, however, think that the statement from the women in the Nebraska Legislature exemplifies everything that is wrong with our government today.

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