*This commentary was originally posted on Facebook on 9/8/21, and the challenges we are facing have only increased since that time. Those who asked to represent us and be our voice in government should be screaming at the top of their lungs every day about the threats to freedom that are taking place ON THEIR WATCH. So why aren't they?


If we want to save our country, we must find the courage to speak up. Our “leaders” who are supposed to be our voice are not doing it for us.

I *never* expected the Democrats to do the right thing. I did have some hope, though, that we would not have been completely abandoned by Republicans as we have been. The Republicans who are currently serving at every level of government who have remained silent at all that has been taking place since the November election are ALL culpable in what is taking place now. I believe that if the Republicans who were elected to be our leaders were using their voices (and doing their jobs) rather than cowering and complying with false narratives, then we likely never would have arrived to the point at which the atrocities which have occurred and are still occurring in Afghanistan would have been possible. We would not have friends and family having to choose between keeping a job or receiving an injection into their bodies of a substance they do not want inside them. We would not have people wearing masks which they despise simply out of a fear that they will not be able to shop for groceries to feed their families if they don't. 

The loud voices of our elected "leaders" would have meant much to rally the people to have the courage to push back against the lies of the left. But their "leadership" example has been one of silence. That is not leadership. Republican politicians have left us on our own when they have failed to put up any vocal fight against the false narratives that we have been told are the new reality which we must accept. And I believe that they too have blood on their hands. They never should have remained silent and sat idly by while our freedoms continue to be eroded by the day, by the hour, and by the minute. 

Just because they call themselves Republicans, I refuse to make excuses for them. I call myself a Republican as well. What defines a Republican isn’t the label itself; it is dependent upon the actions of any individual who bears that label to live up to the values that the party represents. From the national level all the way down to the local level, the GOP has been hijacked by pusillanimous politicians who do not have the courage to defend the values that the Republican Party purports to represent. Unfortunately, it appears that most Republicans—even within our own state—are either cowards to the core or far too easily bought off. And whichever it is—cowardice or greed—neither of those motivations puts the needs of the people first. They are ALL RINOs.

We have to set a higher bar. We absolutely have to. Our “leaders” in government have made it clear that they will not be our voice. Their silence comes at the cost of my children's future. I watch as each day our freedoms erode away just a little bit more. And it seems that so many have still been looking for leaders to guide us out of this. They aren’t coming. And even if you hold out hope that they still may, just how long are you willing to wait—and at what cost? WE HAVE TO STEP UP. We have to show up in numbers and with voices loud enough that we cannot be canceled. We have to show that we WILL put up a fight for our freedom. Silence signals surrender, and for this mama—that ain’t ever gonna be an option. 

If we are going to save our country, we have to make some changes. And we have to make them fast. And I acknowledge that it isn’t easy to accept that we have reached a point that we can no longer outsource the protection of our freedom to others and assume that the job will get done and that everything will be okay. The truth is that we never should have been so lazy in the first place when it comes to the protection of something so precious as our freedom. But all that matters now is what we choose to do in this moment and in those going forward. 

What will you choose?


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