If you aren't fully aware of what you are surrounded by, you aren't as safe as you think. 

Most people are suffering from what essentially amounts to Stockholm Syndrome when it comes to holding our elected Republicans accountable. If we place our trust in those who are essentially holding us captive (and Republicans are doing exactly that when they refuse to take action regarding the constitutionality of our elections--for that is where our freedom is rooted is in our vote), then we will continue to remain willing captives to bad government that is never going to work in our favor. Accountability has to start first with those who had the power to do something but didn't.

Until people wake up and realize that they are misplacing their trust in Republicans who claim to be on our side but who, time and time again, fold instead of following through with the fight, "we the people" will continue to be denied justice and will only receive that which our government sees fit to serve up to us. We get what we accept. 

This video ends with Senator Brewer stating (to me, as I was walking back to my seat, and not when I was facing him) that he would have a "long conversation" with anyone who would dare to question his loyalty to his oath of office. Well, I do question his loyalty to his oath, but I don't single him out. I question the loyalty of every elected official who has had concerns about the constitutionality of our elections brought to their attention and who have done nothing to address our concerns. I WANT to have that conversation, and I want to have it PUBLICLY, but elected Republicans keep running from it. I feel that we deserve answers and accountability. We deserve elected officials who have the courage to look us in the eye. We aren't getting that. And until we do, then we would be fools to think that they are on our side and fighting for us. They aren't.

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