Do you believe that the virus was as deadly as the mainstream media in 2020 purported it to be? Or do you believe that the threat of the virus was inflated? 

Do you believe that Trump was telling the truth in early 2020 when he told us that the virus had a VERY low fatality rate and posed no real threat? Or do you believe that he is telling the truth now when he tells us that he saved millions and millions of lives by ensuring the fast-tracking of experimental "vaccines" (for which Trump insists HE deserves to be credited--not Fauci, not Biden)? 

Do you believe that "that beautiful shot" (as Trump has called the vaccines) is "safe and effective" to take, as Trump told us all that it was? Or do you believe that the experimental mRNA shots are harmful?

How is it, do you think, that so many can purport to believe that the shots are deadly and yet simultaneously hold the view that the very man who claims to be responsible for those "death jabs" (as they call them) is somehow beyond reproach and not to be questioned with regard to his own self-proclaimed prominent role in the development of the shots which many claim to be the tool of murderers?

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