The photos above are from some blink-and-you'll-miss-it scenes from the movie The Matrix Resurrections, which I reference in this video. I fear that we are being made fools of by those who are steering the narratives which shape our perception of reality. 

Below are pages from websites that I reference in the video as well. These are examples of the kinds of sources that many conservatives I know are using as their source of "news." Turning away from the fake news of the mainstream media of the major networks is a good thing, but I fear it has left many vulnerable to be taken in by propagandists who have seen an opportunity to take advantage. 

I feel I don't express it well in the video, but the point I am trying to make is that these narratives which appear to have originated from propaganda sources have VERY deeply permeated our culture, to the point that even those whom I once considered trustworthy to get it right with regard to honest attempts at reporting have been taken in by these narratives. I wonder, sometimes, if they even know that they have been. That is how prevalent these propaganda narratives have become. Repeat a lie often enough and people begin to accept it as the gospel truth. 

But there are a LOT of problems with these narratives that have permeated our nation. There are a lot of inconsistencies. What there should be are a lot of questions, and it concerns me greatly that people aren't seeking to reconcile the inconsistencies in the narratives that we have come to accept, for (as I have discussed in other posts), those inconsistencies are what I believe are keeping us from attaining any accountability. We are irresponsible and lack accountability of our own when we succumb to such narratives; and when we seek to continually make excuses for behavior from those on "our side" of the aisle whom we do not wish to see held to account, then we are contributing to a two-tiered justice system of our own. 

I think people often don't understand where I'm coming from in my criticism of Trump. It honestly has as much to do with criticism of US as it does with the actions and decisions made by Trump. Trump is the prime example, though, to hold up to demonstrate why it is that we continue to persist under a two-tiered system. And, again, I'm not placing all of the blame on Trump. What I'm getting at is that WE let him get away with a hell of a lot without ever questioning him. And now he's running a reelection campaign that suggests that anyone who DOES dare to question him is "disloyal." We claim that we want to "Make America Great Again, " but I think we've forgotten what that would even look like. Many have succumbed to propaganda narratives and honestly believe that Trump "is in control," not only of matters having to do with our own country, but also those taking place globally. As I have asked in this video--if Trump is in control of things on a global scale, then what form of government is it that so many Trump and MAGA supporters are cheering on exactly? 

The information below from is presented as an example of a source that has helped to seed our nation with talking points meant to keep people "loyal" to and unquestioning of Trump. I've found the same talking points echoed all across social media and in everyday conversations I've had with conservatives I know who have come to accept these talking points as the truth. Remember the videos that would often circulate showing the ""Brady bunch" framing of all of the talking heads in mainstream media whose words, when played in unison, formed a chorus of very obviously orchestrated talking points? I'm seeing the same thing happening now among conservatives. The talking points are forming a chorus, and it wouldn't be a problem if the chorus were the truth. But is it? And where have these often contradictory and misleading talking points come from? Those are the kinds of questions I think we should be asking.

I referenced the passage below from because it serves as an example of the fictional narrative language that is being used in a lot of the propaganda sources that I've seen. Granted, this one is more flowery than others, but what people should be on the lookout for is language that reads like a story, or which purports to know the inner thoughts, motivations, feelings, etc. of a person. The only way for us to really be able to assess those things about a person is to ask them to speak on their own behalf and then discern from their response whether or not they are being truthful. We are not only accepting as truth information which fails to come from primary sources, but we are also often accepting anonymous sources as trustworthy. So many of the talking points that conservatives are now echoing are ones which can either be proven false OR which cannot be verified because they are nothing more than fictional narratives. They are stories.

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