A year ago tonight we had just gotten to DC and were settling in to our Rooms to plan the short trip across the river to attend President Trumps Rally.  

Amendment 1 The Bill of Rights  

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of Religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or the press; or the right of the people peacefully to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”  

We came from every part of America. By plane, by bus, by train, by car to watch democracy in action.   

President Donald J Trump was still our President.  Hundreds of thousands of Americans had come to hear him speak.  Some with flags, holding signs, others had banners.  Many had children on their shoulders crooning to see the President.  It was an overcast day and I prayed for the clouds to part and sunlight to pierce thru because it was chilly.  Even with a winter coat, and bundled up with gloves and a scarf I was trembling.  Yes, he spoke of a free and fair America.  Yes, he spoke of Voter integrity and restoring confidence in the systems that have been compromised by foreign interests, Marxists and Communists.  HE DID NOT SAY  TO RIOT OR BREAK THE LAW IN ANY WAY.  We are Patriots NOT rioters.  

There were speakers who took the stage to speak before President Trump.  We waited patiently when they were done, and, finally after an approximate 40 minute wait, Trump took the stage.  He spoke for about 30-40 minutes and received a rousing amount of applause.   

Once Trump was done, some went back to their cars or trains, most headed straight down the Boulevard to our Capital.  We sang songs as we walked the mile or so.  A young woman had a boom box right in front of me and I enjoyed the Patriotic music.   

We didn’t know Congress was in session, hadn’t listened to the news for hours.  When we reached the Capital grounds people were standing around.  Many were singing hymns and the star bangled banner.  I saw absolutely NO CAPITAL POLICE, NO DC POLICE, NO NATIONAL GUARD ANYWHERE.  

My phone rang and it was one of my daughters telling me not to go inside.  She was watching the news and they had reported someone, (I later learned was Ashli Babbitt) had been shot inside the Capital ABOUT AN HOUR EARLIER!!!  “Inside” I said,  “how, it’s closed and there’s scaffolding for remodeling up.”  “I don’t get it, we all just got down here,  Ashli and the group she was with would have had to leave before Trump’s speech was done.”  I remember saying, “why would someone come this far and not wait to hear what he had to say?”  “That’s why we came!” Something didn’t add up.  To this day, I don’t get it.   

I was cold and my daughter told me Fox was reporting the police were on their way and had tear gas.  We decided to head back to our hotel to avoid a huge throng of people waiting to take the train.   

Here’s something interesting! About 3 blocks away from the Capital grounds we were crossing an intersection and lined up for blocks were the Capital police with their lights flashing getting ready to descend on the crowd.  I made a video and will post it here.  So, who was it supposedly fighting with law enforcement?  All Patriots I have ever met are supporters of law enforcement officers.  We back the blue.  We believe and support our  

2nd Amendment rights;

“A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” 

I am a Patriot.  I love America and respect our laws.  No one took guns, weapons, cannons or explosives to the Capital on January 6th.  I believe we have the right to attend worship freely, speak freely and assemble peacefully.  I believe in honoring our flag, protect our boarders, respect our Founders and am grateful to our Veterans, First Responders and Law Enforcement officers.   

We the people are fed up and have had enough of lawlessness in America fueled by hate from our enemies.  We are a Constitutional Republic and stand for Freedom, Liberty and Justice for All.   

Please vote for people who will respect you and not special interest groups.  It’s the time to come together and vote for Statesmen or Stateswomen  NOT POLITICIANS.  

I don’t advocate violence and respect the rule of law but don’t forget the POLITICAL PRISONERS IN WHAT HAVE BEEN DESCRIBED AS DUNGEONS IN DC.  Their crime; trespassing!  Contact your Congresspeople and Senators, Governors to demand due process, as listed in the Bill of Rights; 

Amendment 6; the right to due process, a speedy trial.  It does not mention political prisoners!   

Julie Fredrickson, Candidate for Nebraska Legislature In District 20

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