Parents should be willing to give up every comfort that they know before they ever turn to their kids and tell them that they "had no choice" but to send them into a school environment that is unsafe. Hell, the very definition of child abuse and neglect (per our state statutes) includes knowingly  placing your child in an environment that endangers them, specifically to include situations that could knowingly lead to sexual abuse or grooming. Parents who truly believe that their kid's school is such an environment should pull their kids out no matter what it takes. (That also weakens the schools with regard to the funding they receive.) 

As someone who was groomed and abused as a child, I would tell parents that they damn well better be sure that they were willing to make every sacrifice they could before they ever look into the eyes of a child who came to harm from something that they "had to" do. (To be clear, my own parents never knowingly put me in danger.) 

We know we shouldn't hand over our guns to the government because they would seek to use them to control us. We should be just as unwilling to surrender our children.

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