Many conservatives seem to have adopted "fake news" narratives of Q propaganda that are a rewriting of history where Trump is concerned. It has been interesting to see the response from conservatives who are appalled that I would suggest that Trump would likely be made the fall guy if an investigation into the vaccines is undertaken by Congress. I've not yet found one person who is willing to hold a factual debate on the concerns which I've raised. The typical response is for people to resort to irrational Q propaganda narratives that have convinced many to believe that they know things which they could not possibly know. Truthseekers should be skeptical of any sources of information rooted in fictional narratives. The dead giveaways to that propaganda should be the use of phrases such as "Trump knew" (or "Trump couldn't have known") or "Trump felt" or "Trump believed" or "Trump could see [this or that]." When did conservatives become so gullible? It is because we could not possibly know what Trump's thoughts, feelings, beliefs, or perspectives were in 2020 that we should rightfully be asking him to explain to us those things, for a lot of the decisions he made have led to an awful lot of harm to our nation. I was once an ardent supporter of Trump myself, but he has lost my support because there are just too many unanswered questions that exist for me to continue to trust his judgment. I'd like some assurances that, if Trump were again at the helm, that lessons were learned and that the same mistakes would not be made again.

As I have explained in many of my Rumble videos, the reason that I am focused on Trump so much is because he WAS the guy at the helm of our nation in 2020. Though there are MANY who are responsible (I would include every elected Republican who went along with the nonsense as well), if we are to be assured that our country isn't going to be put through the same thing again when/if the next "public health crisis" comes along, we would be fools not to insist that those who were involved and who still hold elected positions speak TRUTHFULLY to us about what really happened. Instead, many conservatives foolishly hold a blind faith in Trump and believe the propaganda narratives that he "had no choice" but to fast-track a deadly vaccine using OUR government funds.

People have lost all ability to reason. The "badness" of Biden, Fauci, or anyone else does not equate to the "goodness" of Trump. That sort of "whataboutism" fuels the propaganda narratives so that Trump's own actions are never questioned. The origin of the bioweapon virus is a separate matter from the response to the threat of it. People forget history. If an investigation into Trump's part in the vaccines is undertaken by Congress, I think those who have been after Trump for a very long time will finally get their man. Those who MOST deserve punishment will get off scot-free or with a slap on the wrist. Do you think it's more likely that our elected Republicans in D.C. (the ones who did nothing to defend us from election fraud in 2020) and our two-tiered justice system are going to believe that Trump "had no choice?" Given the history of things and the state that our government is currently is (all of which has been largely anti-Trump), I believe it is far more likely that Congress would come to a bipartisan agreement that the buck stopped with Trump and that it was Fauci who "had no choice." If Trump is as innocent as many claim he is in all of this (I make no claim to know his “heart”), then, boy, he got played like a fiddle—doing the bidding of those who profited from the shots while being set up to be the guy to take the fall for it as well.

I'm not saying any of it is right. It's not. But the reason I'm focused on Trump is because 1) he is a candidate for president again and any smart person SHOULD be vetting him thoroughly, and 2) there are a hell of a lot of propaganda-fueled lies which are misleading conservatives into a forgetting and rewriting of history. Many people no longer know how to discern truth from lies. Just like the moonbat liberals who they once used to make fun of for their willful ignorance, those brainwashed conservatives either refuse to even look at the truth--or worse, they no longer have the capacity to recognize the truth when it's staring them dead in the face. 

If they choose to pin this on Trump, he will not have a strong defense against it. I'm not trying to attack Trump. I'm trying to show people the truth, because the TRUTH implicates Trump and is damning. That should worry Trump supporters who know full well that many have been out to get him. People wonder why we never see true justice anymore in our country. THIS is why. "We the people" have created our own two-tiered system. Liberals have theirs and conservatives have their own (with a hell of a lot of intermingling of Rs and Ds on both sides), and neither of them has a damn thing to do with holding to account bad actors within their own party. THAT is the point that I am trying to make and the warning that I am trying to send. If you want true accountability from Fauci, then you must also be willing to hold Trump to account for his part in it as well. I do hope I'm wrong to worry about all of this, but I've been paying attention (to the ACTUAL facts and not to feel-good propaganda narratives) and I think that many conservatives don't realize just how weak of a position we are in. If people would look at the FACTS and lay off of the "hopium," they would realize that Trump (the guy that many claimed "had to" push the vaccines and who "had no choice" but to make some VERY bad decisions in 2020) is not the guy who is going to stand up to tyrants.

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